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Using PLR Products As A Bonus

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Very often a PLR product can be used as a bonus for another product your promoting. When a prospect considers purchasing a product that you are promoting as an affiliate you can offer a PLR ebook in a related niche as a bonus. You can offer a bonus for ANY product that you're promoting, whether it be as an affiliate or your own product.

With a little editing and modifying of the content and rebranding with your own affiliate links, you can offer one or more PLR ebooks as a bonus for purchasing through your link. We ALL get the emails in which scores of bonus' are offered for purchases like these. It seems that the bigger the launch or the more hype there is surrounding the product - the more bonus' we see offered.

The competition is high for top affiliate spots for almost ANY product you're promoting. Why not sweeten the pot and offer potential customers a bonus or two or three if they purchase the product through your link? Rarely do I see a big launch without this practice being utilized.

The key is to have your bonus closely related to the product being offered. If your affiliate product is in the Internet Marketing niche - then make sure that your bonus' are as well. If the affiliate product is in the weight loss niche - than your bonus should be as well. Modify a group of PLR articles for a special (and timely) report. Edit a PLR ebook or offer a Mega PLR Article pack as your bonus - or do both! The bigger the launch, the bigger the potential profits for you, the bigger you will want your bonus to be. Your goal should be to offer the best selection of products for your bonus.

With so many PLR products available this strategy shouldn't be too terribly hard to put into place. There are many quality sites on the Internet that offer PLR products that are just perfect for this stage of a campaign. Plan ahead. In your €œfree time (what's that?), you could be preparing your PLR products to be regenerated into the perfect bonus and give-a-way products. Doing so will only improve your chances of success and make YOU one of the top affiliates! Why would you let the mere fact that affiliate 'A' is offering a bonus and you're not be the reason why you're losing out on sales when you can easily get PLR products and create you own one-of-a-kind Bonus offers?

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