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Using Birth Control Pills For Hormonal Balancing And Acne Cure

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Many things are given to you in life, without your asking, meaning thereby you have no choice over it. Some of them are major things and some are minor. For example, you have no choice of your place of birth and the family tree in which you are born. The arrival of acne is also somewhat like that. It comes without your approval, without your knowledge.

The exact causes of acne are still not known. Scientists are just groping in the dark with a torch! Various findings have resulted in the flooding of markets with many, many over the counter medications.

The possible causes of acne include changes brought in the body due to puberty, excess oil production in body and some hormonal changes. Well, hormonal imbalance is very much linked to acne. Those who believe hormonal balancing is necessary to cure acne take birth control pills to treat acne.

Physiological changes, clogging of hair follicles and bacterial infection could also be the causes of acne. Attack of acne does the two fold damage to your skin and to your psyche. You suffer more, if you are personality conscious. While beating the retreat also, acne will not let you go unpunished, it leaves behind the scars. Your acne, therefore, needs immediate treatment.

Acne in women can be tackled by birth control pills, because the pills control the hormonal surges. These surges occur before the menstrual cycle. But don't self-start this treatment. Only your dermatologist may prescribe these pills for you, after the detailed medical examination.

Birth control pills promise you clear skin, which means they get you rid of acne. Thorough research on this subject has prompted FDA to approve Ortho Tri- Cyclen and generic norgestimate/ ethinyl estradiol (the ingredients in the birth control pills), for treating acne.

How do these pills work? Androgen is a male hormone that is responsible for increase in the oil production. It is ever on the job, but does overtime and increases its production of oil, prior the beginning of menstruation cycles. Birth control pills have shown that they help to decrease these excess androgens.

But many side effects are reported, by taking pills for controlling acne. Taking birth control pills for their legitimate use itself is thus not free from controversy. Think over, how one controversy can solve another controversy?

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