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Using 10 Easy Tips to Pick A Good Colon Cleanse (Mrcw Tippss Formula)

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Picking Out A Good Colon Cleanse Using the €œMRCW  T.I.P.P.S.S Formula

Most people do not use any objective criteria to pick a good colon cleanse product. Consumer choices are usually based on subjective factors like pictures or testimonials. Many people do not know what to look for in a cleanse. The MRCW TIPPSS Formula can help.

The MRCW TIPPSS Formula is an acronym used to remember the 10 factors that can be found in a good colon cleanse. Victoria G. Kerr, the cleansing coach who coined the acronym, has been using this formula with her clients for years to help them remember what factors to look for when choosing their cleanse. Each letter in the acronym stands for a factor; and cleanses get one point for each factor that it includes, resulting in score out of ten that the consumer can use to evaluate their cleanse options.

 1) The M in the formula stands for Mucoid Plaque. A few colon cleanse products on the market, such as the DrNatura Colonix cleanse, claim to help customers get rid of their mucoid plaque except that there is no such thing as mucoid plaque (as any gastroenterologist or coroner will tell you). It is the ingredients these companies put into their cleanse product that cause the feces to come out in a particularly unappealing form. Therefore one point is given to any cleanse that does not use mucoid plaque as a selling feature of their product.

 2) R- Replenishment. When we cleanse our systems, we get rid of impurities and unfortunately, essential vitamins, minerals and probiotics as well. A good colon cleansing product will come with or offer vitamins, minerals and probiotics as a part of their product line to offer supplemental support after a cleanse.

 3) C stands for Candida. Candida Albicans is a fungus that naturally exists as yeast in our bodies. An overgrowth of candida (too much yeast in the body) can cause many ailments because these fungi emit over 70 different types of toxins into our systems.  A good colon cleanse will get rid of Candida and bring yeast levels back down to healthy number.  A cleanse gets one point if it eliminates candida.

 4) W-Whole System Cleanse. Because toxins can be found in all parts of the body, it makes sense to do a whole body system cleanse. A good colon cleanse not only targets thecolon, but all of the other detoxification systems as well including the liver, kidneys, blood and lymphatic system. One point for a whole body system cleanse.

 5) T stands for Training. Since the FDA does not evaluate colon cleanses, there are no manufacturing standards required, so technically, anyone with or without qualifications can make and sell a cleanse.  It's best then if consumers purchase cleanses only from companies with a chemist, doctor or naturopath as the formulator. This way one can assume that there is some first hand scientific knowledge going into the cleanse production.

 6) I is for the Ingredients that are found in a cleanse. Putting chemicals into a body that one is trying to detoxify seems counter intuitive. Although these chemical ingredients will strip the toxins out of the body, they will also leave trace amounts of their residue behind. A cleanse gets 1 point if it uses all natural ingredients. (The exception being pysllium husk or Bentonite which have been associated with adverse allergic reactions and digestive complications)

 7) P - The first €œP stands for Parasites. Experts estimate that 85% of North Americans have some type of parasite within their systems, be it pin worm, round worm, hook worm etc. These parasites like the candida, excrete toxic substances into our systems, and also steal our essential vitamins and nutrients. A colon cleanse gets another point if it has a parasite eliminating component to it.

 8) P stands for Price. A good cleanse will be in the range of $150 - $400. If a cleanse costs less than $125, one might want to consider the quality of ingredients or the efficacy of ingredients contained within.

 9) S.  stands for Simple. Cleansing can be a challenging experience, especially if it is someone's first time. Some people have gotten confused as to what to do and when to do it. A really good cleanse will have clear, concise and easy to understand directions to follow. Diagrams and pictures are also great as well. One point for simplicity. 

10) The final S stands for Support. It is very helpful if a cleanse company offers someone live to speak to during a person's cleanse and cleansing experience at all phases, meaning before, during and after their cleanse.

If consumers can remember the 10 letters of the MRCW TIPPSS formula by remember little sayings like €œ€œMR. Cleanse Well's Tips or  €œMy Right Way to Cleanse Tips (using the first letter of each word followed by the word tips), it will go a long way in helping people to choose the best cleanse possible.

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