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Use Your DRTV Agency to Your Advantage

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

When you have a new product with mass appeal DRTV is a good method for advertising. DRTV simply stands for direct response television and the general population can easily recognize this method as an infomercial. While the idea of an infomercial might seem easy it actually requires a great deal of work and expertise. As a result, a DRTV agency is recommended to ensure the process goes smoothly and your product has the best chance possible to succeed. The first thing to do is to find a DRTV agency that is experienced with your product line and with your target market. Just because it is a DRTV agency does not mean it is qualified to market your particular product. Each market is very different so find a DRTV agency that can prove its success and experience with your market. Once you find the right DRTV agency it's time to have a serious discussion about your product and what the best DRTV method for advertising it will be. For example, DRTV commercials may be short form or long form. In general, a short form DRTV commercial is about two minutes long although it could be as long as five minutes. A long form commercial is typically 28 minutes 30 seconds long, but it can be a bit longer, too. Usually, but not always, products that are more affordable can be marketed via short form simply because it is faster and more affordable. Expensive products will usually benefit more from long form DRTV because it allows enough time for the product to be demonstrated and for viewers to realize that although the product is expensive it is a "must have". The goal of your DRTV agency will be to create a script and infomercial that makes viewers feel like they can't live without that particular product. Ask your prospective DRTV agency for examples of infomercials they have scripted and produced in the past and the overall success of the product. This will give you a good idea of how well they do their job. When you speak with your DRTV agency it is likely they will help you determine if your product is DRTV worthy. For example, the best products to take to DRTV are those with mass appeal. These include product lines like exercise equipment, kitchen gadgets, cleaning products, personal care, appliances, knives, and the like. Anything with mass appeal that practically anyone can benefit from is a good product for DRTV. Find a good DRTV agency and have a serious discussion about what they can do for your product and take it from there.

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