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Use of traditional plants in the management of Diabetes

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

Human health is a topic of priority in all human endeavors that requiring optimum attention. In this case, there is always every need to undertake intensive research and analysis so as to identify the best ways of enhancing human health. In the case of diabetes, there has been every need to derive the best medication for managing the disease. With this in mind, this research study will focus on the use of traditional plants in management of diabetes, whereby a special attention will be put on fenugreek.


Diabetes has over the years been a menace destructing the pleasures of human life and more so in recent days. The disease is currently affecting about 3% of the world population, whereby in the year 2000 more than 180 million people world suffered from the disease. In this regard, the disease causes many deaths annually. This is based on its nature being chronic with no specific cure. Nevertheless, efficient management of the disease has been identified to significantly reduce the deaths arising from the disease. The use of traditional plants has been identified to be efficient in the management of the disease thus reducing deaths which would have otherwise occurred. Specifically, the use of fenugreek in management of diabetes has been outstanding. Nevertheless, there has been inevitable need to undertake further study to identify the use of traditional plants and more so fenugreek in management of diabetes.

Research question

  1. Is the use of traditional plants effective in the management of diabetes

Purpose of the study

The research study is of great importance in the medical field, whereby crucial information on management of diabetes will be arrived at. The ideas and insights from the study will help individuals as well as medical institutions to arrive at better ways and solutions to management of diabetes.

Literature review

Despite that diabetes is a chronic disease; the use of traditional medicine in its management has been overwhelming. In this regard, different scholars have acknowledged traditional plants in ensuring efficient management of the disease. Traditional medicine provides an efficient solution to the menace of diabetes. This has been very helping in countering the disease thus helping in reducing deaths. Different societies have been identified to have a diversified number of traditional plants that they use in the management of diabetes. Some of the commonly adopted plants in managing diabetes include cucurbitaceae, leguminosae and Rutaceae families. These plants have been acknowledged for offering sustainable management of the sugar levels among the patients. By so doing, the pain and immense consequences of the disease are managed. The Indian societies as well as African societies have been identified as leading users of the traditional plants.

According to Daniel Zohary and Maria Hopf fenugreek is one of the most effective traditional plant for the management of diabetes. This plant lies in the family of Fabaceae, whereby it is used as a spice as well as a herb. Fenugreek is a semi arid plant, which is cultivated in many parts of the globe. The ability of the crop to be adapted in a number of geographic regions and climates makes it reliable in the management of diabetes. This is based on the possibility of large scale production of the plant, thus being in a position to meet global demands. Presently, India is the leading producer of the plant, whereby it has widely been used in the management of diseases and more so diabetes. Many patients who have been introduced to the medicine from the plant have shown significant changes thus crediting it for its efficiency.

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