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Uninstall Symantec - Easy To Follow Symantec Removal Guide

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Do you want to Uninstall Symantec? Sometimes you need to remove Symantec, which is very easy to do, but then there may be times that the uninstall does not completely remove all the associated files and at this point the only option is to search through your system and usually the registry as well to remove these 'hanging' files.

And, what happens to those files that were previously indentified by the Symantec and were previously 'quarantined'?

How To Completely Uninstall Symantec

1.Click on Start and then Control Panel.

2.In the control panel, double-click on Add / Remove Programs.

3.Look through the list of installed programs for any item that says either Symantec, Norton, or LiveUpdate (for example "Symantec AntiVirus", "Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition" or "Norton AntiVirus 2002").
4.Begin looking for Symantec or Norton items. LiveUpdate should be done last. For each Symantec, Norton, or LiveUpdate item, select the item and click Remove or Change / Remove or Add / Remove. Follow the instructions, and click Yes or Yes to all when prompted.

NOTE: If you attempt to remove LiveUpdate and receive a warning message about other Symantec applications being registered with LiveUpdate, click Yes to ignore the warning and remove LiveUpdate.

5.When you are done, there should be no items in the list that say "Norton,""Symantec," or "LiveUpdate."

6.Close the Add / Remove Programs window. Close the Control Panels window.

7.Reboot your computer if it hasn't already automatically rebooted.

Next Step:

The next thing you need to do is to delete any folders associated with the Symatec product such as anything with:

1.Open My Computer. Open Local Disk (C:). If present, delete older SAV*** installer folders.
Examples: SAV1001 or SAV1016win32 folders.

2.If present, delete the C:Program FilesSymantec or Symantec AntiVirus folder.

3.If present, delete the C:Program FilesNorton AntiVirus (or C:Program FilesNorton) (or C:Program FilesNavNT) folder.

4.If present, delete the C:Program FilesCommon FilesSymantec Shared folder.

What To Do When You Don't Understand This Or If The Symantec Removal Failed?

The best thing to do when the symantec removal failed, is to use an uninstaller. When you use an uninstaller you will basically automate the whole process. It works like this.

1 - The uninstaller uninstalls Symantec.
2 - The unisntaller will quickly can your registry, and your drivers to find any left over files.
3 - If any left over files are found, the uninstaller will remove it.

This way, the uninstall will fully remove Symantec from your computer? Why don't you take a look at the best uninstaller tools? Visit: Perfect Uninstaller

So, in order to uninstall Symantec you just have to follow the steps above. However, if for any reason the Symantec removal failed, then you should definitely automate the process by using the Perfect Uninstaller.

Want to remove Symantec? Today? Right now? Visit: Uninstall Symantec

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