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Understanding the Symptoms Lactose Intolerance Brings

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Are you tired of feeling sick after eating your favorite cheeses, desserts, or even just enjoying some milk and cookies with your children? Although these episodes of bloating, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea and even nausea might have seemed random at first, it probably didn't take you long to figure out that they only occurred when you enjoyed foods made with dairy. What you were experiencing are probably the symptoms lactose intolerance brings to your life. To avoid this discomfort for the rest of your life, it's important to consider a lactose intolerance diet that is free from dairy products.

What Causes The Symptoms Lactose Intolerance Displays?

Eating together is one of the most important and pleasant parts of friendship and family life. However, to a person suffering from the symptoms lactose intolerance is known for, eating is a constant challenge, and even something that they may begin to dread. It's important to have a solid understanding of why these symptoms are occurring so that you can start to pursue a true lactose intolerant diet.

- Most people are born with an enzyme called lactase in their bodies.

- Lactase is adept at breaking down the sugars in milk so that the body can absorb them, and is usually produced in the small intestine.

- Some people develop a lactase deficiency as they grow older, making it hard for their body to process dairy products.

- Eating dairy products without enough of these essential enzymes in your digestive system can result in painful indigestion and bloating, and other symptoms lactose intolerance displays.

- Some researchers think they might have identified a possible genetic link to lactase deficiency.

What Can You Do About The Lactose Intolerance Milk Triggers?

There aren't that many options for people who would like to consume milk but hate experiencing the symptoms lactose intolerance brings. Obviously, they can attempt to avoid all dairy products and eat according to a strict lactose intolerance diet. The only other option is to utilize holistic therapy options like probiotics to help your body deal with lactose intolerance milk triggers in a less aggressive manner.

How Do Probiotics Reduce the Symptoms Lactose Intolerance Brings?

Most health problems in the digestive tract like the symptoms lactose intolerance involves are the result of an imbalance between good and bad forms of bacteria. As food is broken down in the stomach and passed to the intestine for digestion, bacteria go to work extracting the nutrients and making them ready to be absorbed. When these bacteria are out of balance, which is the case when lactose intolerance milk symptoms flare up, it's nearly impossible for your body to get the nourishment and minerals it needs. Taking a daily supplement of probiotics helps to restore the natural balance of bacteria in your body, and makes it easier for your body to breakdown food. Taking probiotics will also help protect your intestine from the symptoms lactose intolerance can cause. While probiotics won't cure your lactose intolerance, it will make it easier to occasionally enjoy dairy based foods.

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