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Unani Aspect of Obesity- A Review

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 34   |   Comments: 0

Obesity is a state of abnormal growth of adipose tissue, due to enlargement of fat cell size or an increase in fat cell number or in combination. Obesity is perhaps the most prevalent form of malnutrition. As a chronic disease, it is prevalent in both developed and developing countries.  It is the leading cause of mortality and morbidity owing to its complications like, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart disease, and hyperlipidaemia etc. The ancient Unani scholars like Rhazes, Avicenna and Ibn Nafis have described the condition, Samane Mufrat (obesity), in their treatises and have mentioned the etiological factors, clinical features and complication of it. Samane Mufrat is defined as a condition in which there is increase of ratoobat (wetness) and baroodat (coldness) of the body. In other words, khilte balgham (Phlegm) is increased more than the normal limit in the body. Its etiology is attributed to  Suae hazam (dyspepsia), Ifrate naum(excessive sleep), Ifrate sakun(excessive rest) and Qilate harkate badani (sedentary life style).  The principle of treatment of obesity is tadeele mizaj (moderation of temperament), taqleele ghiza (low intake of diet) and use of drugs Muhazzil (Anti obesity) Mushil (purgative), Mudir (diuretics), and mulatiff (demulscent) drugs etc. The common drugs (single as well as compound formulations) used for the purpose of reducing body weight and treating the obesity are marzanjosh (Oliganum vulgare),luk magsul (coccus lacca), seer(Allium sativum), nankhwa(Ptycholis ajowan), bora(Armenian bole), zeera(Carum carvi), etc. Compound Pharmacoepial formulations like Sufoofe Muhazzil, Itriphal saghir, etc have been used since long.

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