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Two Tips for Starting an Online Business

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

My business model is to sell products online through simple, home-made websites, or auctions sites like eBay. I use both Paid Search marketing on Google, Yahoo, and MSN, plus I do my own search engine optimization to promote my website to the first pages of these search engines. It's not easy work, but the rewards are starting to present themselves. It's taken over a year to find niche brand name products that are popular enough to sell and have good profit margins.

The reason I share my little history is that my business model is one of the most common being used to generate money online. It didn't take a lot of thought or an original idea to start generating online revenue. I decided to follow what other successful e-retailers are doing and make it work, which is find a popular product with low wholesale costs and out sell the competition.

If you have a unique idea that you feel would benefit many people, but all means pursue it and make lots of money. But before investing lots of time, double-check, even triple-check that a large volume of people would actually pay for what you are offering.

Most individuals these days read or get spammed with the emails stating the its super easy to make money online. When comparing online revenue to traditional storefront retailing, this is true. But it does take considerable amount of time and effort to make an idea or product list grow within the competitive landscape before the sales start to come in.

I personally use World Wide Brands as a product source. I also keep tabs on the new toys and cool gadgets that hit the market place. There are also many free resources that point out current retail trends.

Do you know how to advertise online?

There are two main methods for getting your site traffic online. The first is Paid Search, or commonly called Pay Per Click marketing. The second method is Search Engine Optimization.

Paid search are the sponsored listings that you see on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The websites that are displayed there pay a fee each time someone clicks on there link, or ad. It's easy to get your ads to display in the sponsored listings section. All it takes is creating an account with the search engine, developing a list of keywords and ads, making a deposit and setting your spending budget.

Search engine optimization are the traditional results that you see through out the many pages of search results on search engines. These sites are ranked by popularity, which is determined by the number of links from other websites that direct users to your site. There are many methods for doing search engine optimization, and many companies willing to help you.

For both pay per click and search engine optimization, I've found the OrangeSoda Inc. is the best company for new business owners with small budgets. If your interested in doing the work yourself, you should search out the many free tutorials regarding pay per click and search engine optimization. If have reading or viewing the tutorials, and you feel that you can do it, give it a go. But you may find that it's too much work, at which point you should look for outside help.

It's been over a year since I began my venture in to generating online revenue, and the hard work and patience is paying off. I recommend that you give it a go to.

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