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Turning Traffic in to Ad Sense Traffic

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

If you are running your ad on Ad Sense for your site, you may find that your site is not making much more for you and this happens with 99.99% of the total cases. Most people feel that they cannot generate their desired traffic on their website and also cannot earn much profit, so the result is to down traffic levels and click through rates.

There are many ways to convert your traffic to your Ad Sense Program; here are some ways for this purpose.

First thing towards converting traffic is to tune up your website contents. Some sites hard to run on Ad Sense like Forums, most people can make their Ad Sense sites most veritable cash cows.

First thing is to find your site keywords to start this. This is a best technique as keyword density verification for Search Engine Optimization. SEO Density Analyzer is also a good tool using for this purpose.

After taking this list of keywords you will Overture Search Inventory or Google Ad Words Sandbox to find out how much other words will be helpful for you as compare to the words that you are using currently.

Try to keep eyes on the things that are relevant to your keywords and focus on the point appeared in the keyword suggestions you have received. Try to find those keywords which are most relevant to your link and include them in your site content.

This is the way of Google Ad Sense that works in the right way to increase your income because it provides you the best Ad Sense banners similar to how you will want to see your Google Page Rank.

This is also important to note that you have to add new information and pages in your site. This is fact that the more pages you have in your site, the more will be clicks on your ads.

Another most important thing is to decide the layout and design for your advertisement and banners and location for banners. This is true that a standard and normal size banner can attract more other than a large banner, so formats available in 336x280 large, 300x250 medium rectangles and 160x600 skyscraper.

Decide about appropriate colors for your advertisement and make them slightly different to your site contents to show visitors another services provided by your site so that visitor can check your banners which have nothing to do with the site itself.

This must be noted that your ads should be positioned on the place where you can get highest amount of profit. Sometimes a right position of advertisement may attract the visitor rather than the content of your site.

A long text body pages, you may find some skyscrapers to do better, because it is common that people want to learn more and want to spend more time. A newspaper site and similar news items can get a good position on the basis of its content, because after finishing your story, visitor wants to do something else.

You can positively use more Ad Sense units if you have a lot of text information on your page. Please make sure to not to overdo it because you may find lot lower CTR and lower profits when you were trying to be on the first place by implementing this technique inappropriately. To add many as three units in your page, use these techniques wisely.

Another facility which is provided is Google Ad Sense Preview Tool that will view what your ads get for you on page and you can get it very handy as testing mechanism.

You must follow the Ad Sense policy regarding click fraud. You can place an attractive picture to your ads as a pointer. Just make sure to leave some room in between ads to make sure this is not apply for encouraging visitors to click to the link.

So there are more possible ways to increase Ad Sense traffic for your page, but this is a good starting point for increasing your revenue.

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