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Tungsten wedding bands can add "Gravitas" to your wedding vows

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Gravitas; it's not a word we hear often these days. Perhaps this is because it was one of the Roman virtues, which aren't so popular with the reality TV crowd. But gravitas is often the best way to describe the way one feels when making a monumental decision, like getting married. It can also be associated with tungsten wedding bands, but I'll get to that in a minute.

In a society that values lightheartedness and "light" foods, it isn't often we talk about "gravitas" because it's such a heavy-sounding word. Often associated with one's dignity and serious decisions, it can actually be translated as "weightiness". But if you're shopping for a wedding ring, particularly men's tungsten wedding bands, then you may want to approach it with a note of gravitas.

Some would argue that the choice of tungsten wedding bands underscores the importance you place on your marriage by actually weighing more on the hand. Let's face it, anything that has weight, whether it is an emotion, an occasion or a physical object, is bound to be taken more seriously than something light. Tungsten is heavier than most metals because of its natural density, but this also makes them more durable and long-lasting, just like your marriage should be.

Since I first learned about tungsten carbide as a jewelry metal and started looking into tungsten wedding bands, I found the weight of this metal to be an attractive selling point. After all, who wants to wear a wedding ring that's so lightweight that you hardly know it's there? A wedding band, especially on a man, should be noticeable to the wearer; and a constant reminder to him of the strength of his marriage. Tungsten wedding bands are an excellent choice for men who want a serious ring that will last forever.

If you do some research on tungsten carbide and do an honest comparison between it and other jewelry metals, you will find that it's hard to beat. If your priority is price, then men's tungsten wedding bands are a refreshing change from gold and platinum. If style is important to you, then you will be impressed by the range of alternative and traditional designs in this metal; and if you want a ring that will keep its shape and hold up well to wear and tear, this dense industrial metal is the best. If that's not enough, then consider the fact that it is hypoallergenic and never needs polishing.

It's not hard for jewelers to sell their customers on tungsten wedding rings, but most brick-and-mortar jewelers want nothing to do with them. They realize greater profit margins from selling gold and platinum, and rarely promote tungsten, titanium or cobalt rings. If you want the "gravitas" that can only come from a tungsten wedding band, then you will do much better online. Sites like JustMensRings.com have an incredible variety of wedding bands and fashion rings for men in several different metals, all at everyday low prices.

Susan Peiffer:
[email protected]

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