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Tubular Skylight- A Bright Idea For A Healthy Planet

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

Most homeowners are kin on using natural light as much as possible. However, older homes usually have smaller windows and the light through them is insufficient. Rather then replacing small windows with large windows (which is costly), many homeowners are considering the addition of skylights to a dim room. Here we discuss the benefits of the tubular skylight in lieu of conventional skylights.

Out with the old€¦

Conventional skylights are relatively common in the US. Ask any €œlucky homeowner about them and you will get a rather grim picture: skylights are expensive, do not disperse light equally across the room (resulting in glaring and dark spots) and do not filter harmful UV rays. To add insult to injury, light from conventional skylights often causes discoloring of wood and fabric because of the angle in which they are placed.  

Conventional skylights may seem romantic and beautiful in interior design magazines, in reality however, some distinct problems exist. However, you need not give up your dream- you can still utilize natural light in lieu of electric lighting with a new and exciting option.

€¦In with the new

Tubular skylights are an affordable alternative to conventional skylights. Like conventional skylights, tubular skylights are installed through the roof of your home. As their name suggests, tubular skylights are essentially a tilted tube designed to capture maximum sunlight with minimum UV rays. At the top of the tube is a reflective material (e.g. a mirror). Light is reflected from the mirror down the tube and into the home.

Because of their unique angle, tubular skylights deliver a consistent amount of light regardless of the position of the sun in the sky. The result is a consistently lit room without glare and dark spots.

At a fraction of the price of their conventional counterparts, tubular skylights are an efficient and sustainable source of light. To future cut costs, most tubular skylights are equipped with electrical light as well for nighttime use.

Tubular skylights are an excellent way of utilizing natural light. You should also know that most states offer partial reimbursements for purchasing tubular skylights, thereby future cutting costs of purchase and installation.

Find quality tubular skylight for your home!

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