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Tube Fool Software Review

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 26   |   Comments: 0

Thanks for your time and reading my Tube Fool Software Review. My name is Duncan MacGibbon and on behalf Mark Dulisse and Alex Goad creators of Tube Fool Software here is my detail review.

Product Name: TUBE FOOL

Product Owners: Mark Dulisse and Alex Goad

Product Launch Day: 1th Feb 2011

So What is Tube Fool ?

So basically Tube Fool is a very unique piece of software that will help you get more views onto your You Tube videos. The software will let you gather information from any user of You Tube like subscribers, friends and commentators and then just working in the background you will be able to request the software to do some of this actions: Friend Request, Subscribe and Share Video.

Mark and Alex have been working during the last month or so with this software and they have included more cool features and upgrades to the software. I was able to buy Tool Fool back in November 2010 so the version I'm using at the moment is not upgraded yet.

We are all waiting for the 1st of Feb to get a copy of this amazing software that will help you generate an empire inside your You Tube accounts.  I will update this review page with a insiders video so you know exactly what to expect before you decided or not to buy this product.

More about Tube Fool Software!

In November 2010 Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse released a course called Dominating Video; as part of that product launch they also gave away a software tool called Tube Fool.

This small but powerful tool is used to draw traffic and visitors to your youtube videos. There are numerous testimonials from people (including me) who joined their Dominating Video program and had great success using Tube Fool.

To this end Mark has taken Tube Fool, refined it and added a whole raft of extra functions and options that many of the customers of Dominating Video suggested and requested and turned it into a must have application for any serious Video Marketer.

Please let me run you through exactly what you will be getting if you decide to invest in Tube Fool.

Included in Tube Fool is the software, which has been greatly enhanced since it was given away during the Dominating Video product launch, and also a video series detailing all the functions and best practices for using Tube Fool.

The software allows you to easily search users and video on YouTube so that you may then use the Tube Fool software to promote your own videos.

There are four ways in which you can search for users on YouTube that could be interested in your Video promotions

1. By other users friends - this method involves finding a video that matches your promotion and then the software will harvest all the other users that are friends of that user.

2. By other users subscribers - this involves targeting a particular users channel and the software will retrieve a list of users that are subscribed to their channel so of course you would target users with a video that matches your target audience.

3. By user channel commentators - this is a particularly powerful user collection method because the software will collect all the user names of people who have commented on the video that you have chosen to target. The reason that this is powerful is because these people have already shown that they are active by making a comment on YouTube so they may be more receptive to viewing your video and perhaps taking a look at your associated offer.

4. By keyword - this involves using targeted keywords and the software will then go out and find users channels that have a reference to your keyword.

The collection of YouTube users is the first stage of operations in the Tube Fool software process. From my testing I can tell you that it is very fast at collecting this information. I managed to collect over 900 users that could be interested in my video and associated promotion in a little over 2 minutes.

The second stage is to now execute YouTube operations to draw attention to your video's.

This is achieved in three ways:

1. By processing friend requests to the list of targeted users you have collected in stage one.

2. By subscribing to the user channels from the list of users you have collected in stage one.

3. By sharing your video with the users in the list you have collected in stage one of using the Tube Fool software.

All of this is designed to draw attention to your videos and your video channel where you will hopefully have set up the channel profile and video descriptions to attain the best possible chance of converting some of these people into customers.

Tube Fool is preset to operate within the acceptable parameters that YouTube allows as far as timing between operations or requests go so you don't have to worry about your account getting into any trouble. There are also options to filter the list of users you have collected with a variety of parameters.

Once you have your list of targeted users it is then merely a case of selecting the users you would like to target with one of the three available options and then let Tube Fool work in the background whilst you carry on with other work.

Along with the software there are also training videos covering the following areas to help you make the most of the Tube Fool software.

1. YouTube Channel Video Tutorials

2. YouTube Traffic Video Tutorials Using Tube Fool

3. YouTube List Building Video Tutorials

4. YouTube Monetization & Conversion Methods Video Tutorials

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