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Tried Everything Else Now Try Smoking Cessation Therapy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

I am not normally a big fan of propaganda no matter how noble the cause, but I have to admit that the stop smoking ads have worked. Almost all of the people I know who used to smoke have either quit smoking or tried to. The problem is that many attempts are unsuccessful. I know people who tried everything. They tried quitting cold turkey, using the patch, and using smoking cessation therapy, but nothing has worked for them. It seems like either you can quit smoking or you can't - or so I used to think. Now I realize that the choice is yours.

You see, it took me at least three smoking cessation therapy courses before I really quit. One of them involved smoking cessation hypnotherapy, and promised to be a miracle cure. They believed that by taking responsibility for smoking out of my hands, they could make it easy for me to quit by tapping into the power of my subconscious.

The results of that course of smoking cessation therapy, however, were not so good. As a matter of fact, although initially it helped me to quit smoking, eventually I did quite the opposite. Over the long run, I was actually smoking more after the hypnotherapy session.

That is when I realized that smoking cessation therapy doesn't work - at least not for me. A lot of people swear by smoking cessation therapy, but I needed a more independent method to quit smoking. You see, a smoking cessation treatment did not give me responsibility over my own actions. I did not want someone to babysit me, to coach me, or to talk me out of smoking. I wanted to do it on my own. When I was ready to do it on my own, I did not need smoking cessation therapy.

One of the best things I ever did was to quit smoking cold turkey. I used no patches, no gum, no therapy, and no support group. It was my decision and my decision alone to quit, and so it should be my responsibility and my responsibility alone. My smoking cessation therapists always advised me that I should set reasonable goals for myself.

They told me I should quit one step at a time by tapering down. But, when I followed the smoking cessation therapy advice, I found that I was always tempted to have one more cigarette than I should. Once I knew that I should have none, however, there was no room to talk myself into one.

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