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Treatment Complications of Pregnancy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

Pregnancy is cherished by all women even with all the problems it comes with. Motherhood is said to be a boon to the entire woman. Pregnancy is widely divided into three trimesters. Each trimester denotes the growth of the baby and changes in bodily condition of the pregnant lady. During pregnancy, a woman's body goes through many hormonal changes and this brings on some health difficulties which is called pregnancy complications.

Pregnancy complications are normal but needs to be administered at the time of occurrence as any kind of ignorance may lead to a serious problem. Pregnancy complications at this stage can be severe but if paid attention can be handled. Her are few pregnancy complication and cures -

Swelling - In the third trimesters of pregnancy, woman often experience swollen ankles and knees. This is called Edema. When the enlarged womb puts excess pressure on the pelvic vein, the pressure results in the accumulation of water by slowing down the blood circulation. Swelling of the ankle can be reduced with regular foot massage, sitting with leg slightly lifted on a pillow and exercising.

Heart Burn - Heart burn is caused by excess creation of acid. This is caused due to hormonal changes and improper digestive system. The burning sensation usually starts from lower chest bone and rises up to the throat. The only way to prevent heart burns is to drink enough water, go for a walk every evening and eat 6 small meals a day. This helps your digestive system to work better.

Back Pain - Pregnant ladies especially once who are at an advanced stage experience severe back pain. This caused due to extra pressure on your spinal cord. The only way to reduce the back pain is to wear a pregnancy support band, go for back massage regularly and increase intake of calcium rich food like milk.

Urinary Infection - During the first trimesters of pregnancy women tend to urinate frequently. This is caused by the pressure of the growing uterus on the bladder. Sometimes urinary infection may also be caused. To prevent urine infection, drink a lot of water to wash away all the toxins, don't avoid visiting the bathroom and use biochemical tissues salts to treat urinary tract infections.

Constipation - The fast growing uterus leads to the higher release of progesterone. This loosens the muscles of the intestine, thus, slowing down the passage of food through intestine. Constipation should be strictly avoided in pregnancy. It can give rise to major problems like infection, gastric and acidity. The best way to avoid constipation is to add fiber rich food like fruits, vegetables, cereals etc to the diet.

Pins and Needles - During pregnancy is woman often experience pins and needles in their hand. This is caused due to fluid creation around the wrist. This pressurizes the nerves and disturbs the flow of blood. To avoid the experience of pins and needles one should take up regular hand exercises and massage. Eat a lot of seeds, tomatoes and dates for the creation of blood. Continuous feeling of pins and needles should be taken to the notice of the doctor.

Find powerful herbal remedies Complications Of Pregnancy

Maternal Morbidity (Pregnancy Complications for Women)

Maternal morbidity encompasses physical and psychological conditions resulting from or aggravated by pregnancy that have an adverse effect on the woman's health. Maternal morbidity ranges from mild to severe and can include complications and conditions associated with any pregnancy outcome. Extending maternal health surveillance to include identifying and reviewing pregnancy complications and factors associated with them has the potential to improve maternal health by providing information to influence the delivery of health services and health policy.

Pregnant woman getting medical attention. CDC researchers are currently focusing on severe morbidity because it has a greater effect on the woman's health and poses greater risks to her immediate and lifelong well-being. It is important to identify women who experienced severe maternal morbidity, and review their care to develop prevention efforts.

Performing maternal health surveillance beyond mortality at the institutional, state, and national level, requires readily available information to identify women with severe morbidity during pregnancy. Recently, CDC researchers used a group of routinely collected ICD-9-CM discharge and procedure codes to identify significant complications of pregnancy. They found that the most severe complications of pregnancy were those that indicated hemorrhage requiring transfusion, hysterectomy, and seizures during delivery hospitalizations.

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