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Treating Alzheimer's Disease with Alternative Therapies for Optimal Health

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

Quantum Brain Healing has many therapies for Alzheimer's disease. These must be handled with a medical or healthcare professional for the safety of the patient. The strategies for Alzheimer's are to delay onset of the disease, minimize memory loss, increase motor function, improve concentration, calm the patient, improve the energy level, prevent secondary illness, reduce stress, and aid sleep.

Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas, single herbs, and botanical extracts are used to calm the brain and help the memory. Electro-Acupuncture, ear acupuncture with needles or magnets, laser auricular therapy, scalp acupuncture, music therapy, interactive metronome, meditation, yoga, and cranial electro stimulation with Alpha Stim 100 are wonderful ways to improve the health and quality of life in this type of patient. Other options include hyperbaric oxygen chamber, light therapy, Hemi Sync Therapy from the Monroe Institute of Virginia, pulsed energy therapy, electromagnetic medicine, and cranial sacral therapy.

Dietary changes should occur and should include an initial detoxification of all heavy metals and pesticides. It is possible for heavy metals and pesticides to induce Alzheimer's or Alzheimer's like symptoms from serious toxin overload. Detoxification can be done with oral chelators and a pure diet. Vitamins, minerals, and orthomolecular amino acid therapy can enhance mental function, improve memory, and increase motor coordination for many patients. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can be used to improve energy, concentration, and memory.

Alzheimer's patients should avoid stress, stay hydrated, eat regular meals, and have an organized routine. It is very important to remember that these patients are easily upset and very fearful at times. Keep these patients busy with mental activities like learning a second language or playing bridge. Dominos, chess, or puzzles will also improve brain function.

© 2010 by Dr R Stone, MD in Alternative Medicine- India

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