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Transfer Factor Plus And Hiv/aids

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

Dr. Rob Robertson, MD - "I believe Transfer Factor is, without a doubt, the greatest discovery of the century in supporting and modulating the immune system. I believe a strengthened immune system will be the primary way to stay well in the future. This nutrient can affect the immune system like nothing else can. I sincerely believe everyone needs to consume this product. There is no other product in a nutritional substance, nor a drug, that has this kind of power and ability to affect our immune system. With the increase of killer viruses, mutated germs, super-resistant germs, and food contaminations, our only hope and defense, must lie within our own immune system."

Dr. Robertson received his medical degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1974. He served as the Director of Emergency Services at Western Baptist Hospital in Paducah, KY.

When will people recognize that drugs do not cure, medical doctors do not cure, hospitals do not cure, and nutrition does not cure, and neither does Transfer Factor. Everyone expects the doctor to cure them, and doctors and their egos like to think they cure people. Even people who do other therapies like to think of themselves as "healers", which again, only the body heals, and this is something that each person needs to come to terms with and recognize if they are truly going to be healthy, what do YOU think?

When I make this statement, most people have a hard time understanding. They have been fed the garbage by television ads, and medical programs, along with the visit to their doctors who love to accept that title, since that is what makes them so important to you and your life and allows them to overcharge their patients.

"ONLY THE BODY HEALS!"  When you have a cold or cancer, acne or aids the body is what can make the changes that will allow for you to be healthier. Healing is when the body replaces sick cells with healthy cells, and only your body can do that. What this means is that doctors may use a scalpel to cut out a growth, and that might be the best treatment at times, but the truth is, "why did it grow in the first place?".

Your doctor might recommend drugs that are toxic and poisonous to the illness you suffer. The challenge is that these toxins can many times do more damage than good. They destroy even health parts of the body and cause "side effects" which you have to live with for the rest of your life. So many drugs hurt the liver and kidneys that are trying to get it out of your system.

WHAT IS THE BEST THING TO DO? The best thing is to take better care of yourself and not hurt yourself with bad habits, bad nutrition, toxin environment, stress, and a inactive lifestyle. More can be done to PREVENT  bad health and conditions EVEN AIDS, by taking better care of ourselves, like LESS RISKY SEXUAL ACTIVITIES.  What is aids anyway but Acquired Immune Deficiency!

The best thing you can do is to use natural product that will allow the body a "boost" in its ability to fight diseases, One of the best things on the market that has been scientifically proven to BOOST YOUR IMUNITY ( that which fights diseases and helps the body to heal itself) is TRANSFER FACTOR, a natural non-toxic supplement. If you do not take this product you are missing out on one of the best discoveries in natural health care products. Check www.cher4life.com and order your product. This is a charity organization helping the low income people of the community.

At one point the charity was working to bring this product to those in greatest need, but the support was only for NEW DRUGS, and the research they were working on was to have drugs to counter the effects of the drugs they were using but were causing so much damage to the body being treated. Does this make sense? But this is how the medical profession thinks. There are cases after cases where those with AIDS or have the appearance of HIV in their tests have taken Transfer Factor and have reduced the viral load in their body€¦THE BODY WAS ABLE TO FIGHT BETTER!!!

To help people with all sorts of problems, there is TRANSFER FACTOR PLUS which has the highest rating by outside testing of the increase in NK cells to help fight disease. For those who take vitamins regularly there is RITE START (MEN AND WOMEN)  that has Transfer Factor in it so you get the best of both. The company has also made Transfer Factor available in a delicious berry drink called RIO VIDA. All of these products will help the individual consumer improve their resistance  and help to maintain a healthier life.

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