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Transaction of the secret weapon to convince customers

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

Dear friends:

look at the world-renowned figures who have a common characteristic: either through the book and famous, either through the book to maintain the well-known ... ... entrepreneurs, too - from Ma to Robin Li, from Niu Gensheng to Ning ... ... They may not themselves write, but writing a biography type books, each of the back have their designed intent. Therefore, the entrepreneur out of the book is not only the pursuit of well-known that simple. It has become to build brand, establish social image, or even clever to convince customers, rapid turnover of key large single ... ...

(1) card has been left behind ... ... Every time I communicate with other entrepreneurs, will be the first meeting , presented a "rich dad said goodbye with" ... ... the same time, in front of their face, to sign them. Then say to them: I am not the same as other people, other people to send business cards, I send the book ... ... is such a small move for us to win a lot of business opportunities! Because, when people receive your book, he will not only bring you as a boss. More will be said: you are an expert, is a respected teacher - because only experts to be eligible book, have a lot of knowledge worth sharing. Therefore, "with rich dad to say goodbye" to become our best cards - without their drawbacks, fast to convince the other person. However, many people do not realize the problem - they are either sent to conduct their neat business card, or send some small gifts ... ... These are the "others", no way to quickly build "their own brand image." Therefore, the book is not only a book, but to create a shortcut to the status of experts, is the secret weapon to convince customers of transactions ... ...

(2) write a book and make it popular, is also not difficult to more than 100,000 new books published annually in China , had formed a "plan †' Production †' Edit †' issue" a complete industrial chain. Many authors as a best-selling book and subsequently to "rich" list. Entrepreneurs speaking, writing a best-selling book can also be directly driven enterprise sales. For example Liangbo Jiang's "stingy King: China Invisible Champion Liangbo Jiang," a book published five years between the "Sheng Yalun" pull to the tens of millions of orders. Liang Boqiang not the external stresses, many people do not know that he is "hidden champions"; when he started publicity, people will know a little nail clippers of the "Big World." As a result, many companies began to contact them, producing "souvenir nail clippers," "individuality through custom nail clippers" ... ... Then, the "hidden champions" into the "overt champion", the business grew and grew. In fact, many companies also have in their respective industry's "ability to lead" or "unique competitive", but, because not known to outsiders, it is difficult to quickly convince customers - especially large customers. Marketing through the Internet, they face the same challenges: why consumers should buy your product? What is your product unique value ... ... and their advertising bombardment hit pretty hard playing style propaganda, as "cultural guide", "moisten things silently," ... ... This will not only be hard to resist, and competitors hard copy ... ... So, best-selling book is not only a book, but a check of wealth. Everyone should have their own books, everyone should have their own unique brand! Best-selling book is the best carrier ... ...



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