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Toys That Girls Like

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

Girls? toys usually look sweet and cuddly and cute. Girls like dolls and doll houses and doll clothes. Usually, girls play house with their dolls, pretending they are the sister or the mother and their dolls are their sisters or their daughters. They love to play dress up. They choose clothes for their dolls for different occasions, just like what real women do. Each girl had probably experienced owning a Barbie or at least playing with it. They also have baby dolls. These kinds of toys show girls? maternal instincts.

Girls also like playing with their doll houses. They decorate their doll houses with mini furniture and mini appliances. And this is where their dolls usually ?live?.

Girls like role-playing games. However, when they do role-playing games, it is usually much more realistic compared to boys. For girls, they will just act out events in everyday lives like in a house or school, compared to boys, who usually pretend to be superheroes with supernatural powers or astronauts who will travel through the space.

Other interesting girls? toys are cash register toys and play money where they can pretend to be cashiers or shoppers in a grocery or convenience store. They also like playing with cooking toys and pretending that they are cooking their own food.

Aside from human dolls, they also like playing with stuffed dolls like stuffed animals that are usually in pastel or pale colors. They also like dolls of popular cartoon characters like Dora, Strawberry Shortcake, Hello Kitty and other female characters.

Girls also like toys that imitate domestic items such as stoves, washing machine, cooking items, groceries, dishes and other household objects. This shows the domestic side of girls. Women are generally more inclined to do domestic chores than males.

Doctor?s or nurses? kits with toy stethoscope, thermometer, or medicines are other popular toys for girls. They like having ?patients? or someone to take care of. Girls also like grooming and primping themselves and their dolls. Again, this shows the nurturing side of girls.

They usually own toy grooming kits with combs, mirrors, toy make ups and beauty products, scrunchies, clips and hair pins, and other fake beauty paraphernalia. They like grooming and primping themselves and also their dolls. Girls also like having toy jewelleries, accessories, plastic shoes, and costumes for fairies or princesses.

For music-related toys, girls usually have violins. This instrument is usually considered as a feminine instrument. Girls also like arts and crafts toys like scrapbooking materials, bead crafts, jewellery making materials, fashion crafts, and sewing and knitting materials. Some girls also like painting and drawing.

Girls? toys usually enhance physical attractiveness, creativity, domestic skills, and nurturance.

When playing, girls also tend to play inside because they do not want to get dirty or get bruises or scratches on their bodies. They always want to look and smell nice. Furthermore, their can usually play by themselves with their dolls as their playmates. Because of this, aggressiveness and competitiveness are not well-developed among girls.

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