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Top 5 Ways To Wow Your Valentine

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 75   |   Comments: 0

Sure, common wisdom says that Valentine's Day was invented by greeting card companies to bring in sales during a slow time of year, but Valentine's Day means love and if you don't celebrate it with that special person if your life, you're going to be in a lot of trouble!

Speaking of trouble, let me keep you out of it. Don't waste your time and money buying red roses and a box of chocolates for your sweetheart. Rather than being a no-imagination lover, do something incredible this Valentine's Day.

Here Are 5 Fabulous Ways To to Show Your Valentine How Much You Care

1. Celebrate Valentine's Day At Home With A Catered Dinner For Two

Call you favorite restaurant and order ahead. Hire a waiter for the night to serve your meal, complete with candlelight and fine china, and then have him whisk away the mess before he leaves the two of you alone – where the romance begins.

2. Spend The Day At A Spa Before Going To Dinner

A nice steamy bath followed by a couple's massage and a pedicure for two is a great way to relax and get ready for a night of love. If you book a room at a nice hotel with a spa, you don't even have to travel far to dine before retiring to your suite.

3. Make Valentine's Day Exciting and Adventurous

Arrange for a romantic picnic hundreds of feet up in the air courtesy of your local Hot Air Balloon rental company. You'll waft along in the breeze, laughing at all of the people running in and out of the flower shops below you.

4. Make Your Valentine's Fantasy Dream Come True

Who knows what fantasy lives in the mind of your Valentine? I bet you do, so go ahead and make that special fantasy come true.

5. Spend A Couple Of Days At A Romantic Bed & Breakfast Inn

If mountains and snow is your idea of romance, stay at a cozy inn up North in the mountains where crackling fires warm the two of you as you sip hot chocolate laced with a bit of Baily's Irish Cream.

If hot summer nights are more your style, head down South and claim a bit of beach in Florida. Get fired up as you dance the night away to steel drums, and then celebrate the new day with a romantic breakfast for two as you watch the sun rise over the ocean.

If these Top 5 Valentine ideas aren't quite right for you, hopefully they will inspire you to find the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day and really WOW your sweetheart!

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