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Top 21 Natural Allergy Cures

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Now that allergy season is once again in full-bloom many of us are finding ourselves sneezing away and reaching for tissues constantly ! Unfortunately, allergies can become more than just an annoyance for many. As the inflammation, swelling, and general irritation of the sinuses and throat continues over the years allergies develop into full blown sinus disease, cause sinus and throat polyps (tissue growths that cause other challenges), and some other nasty impacts on the body. So it is important to control your allergies not only for your immediate quality of life and convenience but also to prevent worse health challenges developing later on. A great book that talks about allergies and causation with sinus disease is the best selling book "Free Yourself From Sinus & Allergy Problems PERMANENTLY" by the well known Dr. Grossan. You can find this book at many allergy stores including "Allergy Liberation."

SO what to do about those nasal allergies? Many of us simply pop down the nearest pharmacy and buy a load of drugs to knock us out for the season. This can also be a mistake. Many of the most popular nasal sprays fail to tell you adequately that they are in fact addictive and habit forming. Doctors quickly prescribe them and many are now over the counter for easy access. The challenge is that they very often cause dependence and your nasal system will stop working once you stop taking them. This problem of addiction has many people layering one problem on top of another making life much worse. Many brands are a cause for concern such as Afrin, Vicks, Sinex, Lemsip, and Afrazine that use the addictive active ingredient Oxymetazoline (and there are others to avoid as well). If you are going to take a nasal spray we recommend you stick with a natural one that is non addictive and not habit forming such as sinol, nasaleze, or sinus buster.

On to the main goal of this article. Top recommendations for fixing and stopping your allergies naturally with out drugs and with out chemicals.

1. Eating small amounts of "local" honey on a regular basis you are naturally desensitizing your body to allergens that you are most likely to encounter in your daily life.

2. If you are allergic to pollens, stay away from gardens during peak season and do not mow lawns.

3. Use a natural nasal allergen blocker such as nasaleze. This will stop the allergens at the source.

4. Practice nasal rinsing with saline. This method has been used to stop allergies for centuries. Your allergies act up once they reach a certain threshhold and rinsing 2x a day will usually keep you below that level where you become aggravated.

5. Try natural nasal sprays based with capsaicin that reduce the swelling and knock out the allergens such as Sinol and Sinus Buster.

6. Don't smoke or allow others to smoke in your presence. Avoid irritants such as cigarette smoke, chemical fumes, or environmental toxins.

7. Replace carpets and rugs which tend to collect dust with hardwood or tiled floors. Replace carpeting with laminate flooring or another hard material that won't collect dust mites and other allergens, especially in your bedroom.

8. Regularly dust with a wet cloth and use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

9. Avoid those foods that trigger allergies and learn how to read food labels carefully.

10. Close your windows before you go to sleep. Allergens are highest in the early morning when flowers bloom.

11. A quantity of 500 ml carrot juice or a combination of carrot juice with beet and cucumber juices, has been found beneficial in the treatment of allergies.

12. Avoid touching or rubbing your eye with your fingers (try using cucumber slices to lessen itchiness).

13. Application of mashed almond leaves to the affected area is highly beneficial. This is one of the useful skin allergy cure.

14. Drink a glass of water with two tablespoons of cider vinegar. This is a good natural remedy for skin allergy.

15. Every part of neem can bee used for any skin allergies. Mostly leaves of Neem are made into paste to treat skin disorders and allergies.

16. If you venture out during spring and fall, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and wind.

17. Don't hang clothing outdoors to dry (they may collect Pollen).

16. Make a paste from five grams of garden mint in water. Sieve the water now add 12 grams of sugar, drink this syrup twice a day for immediate relief. This is a good home remedy for skin allergy.

18. Five drops of Castor oil in half a cup of any fruit or vegetable juice, or plain water, and taken on an empty stomach in the morning, is beneficial for allergies of the intestinal tract, skin, and nasal passages.

19. You should be aware of what types of food can cause you allergies and be away from all those food while traveling.

20. You might have problems in digesting enzymes of milk which can lead to bloating and cramping which are symbols of allergy - so it is better to avoid milk when traveling.

21. Garlic is one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants. You can crush it and have its juice to prevent any allergies related with bacteria. This will also be very effective in preventing sinus related allergies. You can also use this remedy if you often suffer from nasal congestion or running nose. Consuming only a few drops of garlic, every alternate day, will be sufficient for you.

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