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Toothpaste Gets Rid Of Acne: Alternative Remedy or Hoax

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

We've seen it all when it comes to acne remedies - egg yolk mask, lidocane rub, even urine toner. When I heard about the Toothpaste Acne Cure, I had to check it out. Let look at some basics. I wanted to know:

- Is toothpaste an effective cure for acne?
- What ingredients are there in toothpaste that might make it an effective acne remedy?
- Is toothpaste a replacement for topical acne remedies?

Yep, toothpaste. Now I've heard it all.

Home remedies come in all shapes and types, and we've all seen drugs that were made for one disease miraculously curing another one. So, it could be that toothpaste, long thought to be the bane of cavities everywhere, might also have the corner on the zit market. Is it effective or is it possible?

We looked first to find the secret weapon in toothpaste and looked at fluoride or sodium monoflurorophosphate. We all know that fluoride prevents cavities. We've heard that on televisions and in dentist's offices for years. But, on the skin? Well, we had to cross that one off. Medical studies have shown that large amounts of fluoride might cause systemic poisoning. Fluoride is in toothpaste to a lesser degree, but we don't propose you slather it all over your skin. It might do more damage than good.

Moving on . . .

Looking at the ingredients on your standard tube to toothpaste, we researched glycerin, sorbitol and alumina. They might have the potential to eliminate zits. Hydrated silica and types of aluminum could treat acne via dermabrasive products. No need to spend a fortune on dermal abrasion. Just spend a few bucks and buy some toothpaste. However, on closer inspection, we found that the granules are too fine to do much good. So exfoliation is out and sorbitol is simply a flavoring agent and glycerin makes the toothpaste feel good on your tongue and teeth. We looked last at sodium lauryl sulfate, but it just makes bubbles and suds won't do much against acne pimples.

The Calcium Buster - Sodium Pyrophosphate

We discover that sodium pyrophosphate limits tartar, removes calcium and magnesium from saliva and it is a calcium evicting phosphate. Now we may be on to something. There might possible be an acne zapper in this ingredient. Eliminating calcium does help with acne prone skin, so that may be the secret ingredient we seek as an acne curative.

The Stragglers - Titanium Dioxide and Baking Soda

Last, but certainly not least is the baking soda and titanium oxide present in minute amounts in our toothpaste. The skin will find them to be wonderful exfoliates, but they are present in such small quantities they would be hardly effective. In larger quantities, they might absorb excess facial oils which would definitely help get rid of acne breakouts, and they might be a great dermabrasion agent. However, if we increase the amount of baking soda in our toothpaste, we would have a bit of a time trying to brush our teeth.

Well, after looking at all of the ingredients in toothpaste, we have to find this to be just another urban myth. Toothpaste does have some properties and ingredients that might make it a good acne fighter. The amount is too small to be very effective, however, and the negative aspects of other ingredients would far outweigh the benefits derived. So, there you have it. Back to topical acne remedies from your drug store, and leave the toothpaste to the teeth.

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