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Toonstorm Review - Is Toonstorm A Safe And Cheap Seller?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Feel free to check our website in depth review

Review - Toonstorm: A safe Gold Vendor?

Toonstorm is one of the few websites with a strong identity. They are not the cheapest nor the fastest gold seller, they have a strong reputation in the gold buyers community of a reliable, honest, safe and ethical gold seller. They recently launched a currency sales business (late 09) They were mainly well know as the best account seller on the web.

Reputation: 10/10
Toonstorm has an almost perfect reputation. Toonstorm is not just a website who is paying its taxes. They indeed have a very good image on the web. You won't find a really negative feedback on their services. They also have been getting excellent ratings on Bizrate for years, as well as a Green Bizrate. They got good ratings on liveperson, ratepoint.

Website Security: 9/10
The second thing to consider then is the general safety of their site. In other words, is there any chance your information will be compromised by hackers, or you'll get a virus somehow through ads or other nasty sources? Again, Toonstorm comes out clean here; they use industry standard security, and have zero advertising of any kind on their website. They use exclusively PayPal as a payment method. So as far as your real money goes, their security is just fine.

Ingame safety: 10/10
So, is Toonstorm safe to buy from without taking risks of getting caught by the game dev? Toonstorm is a very professional company, they don't take unnecessary risks like in-game advertising or stupid transfer methods. So there is still a (very tiny) chance your purchase will be noticed and your gold confiscated but it really shouldn't be a concern unless you are buying a ridiculous amount of currency at one time either way.

Should you buy from Toonstorm .com?

Is Toonstorm a reliable company to buy from? Is Toonstorm safe to buy from? Do they have the cheapest prices? How cheap is Toonstorm compared to other sellers? All of these questions are answered in Mmoops.com full gold review:
Toonstorm Review.

Toonstorm is rated by Mmoops.com amongst all reliable gold sellers. Feel free to compare our top 10 if you want to understand the differences between Toonstorm and its competitors.

About Mmoops.com:

Mmoops was launched in late September 2009. The website is growing quickly. Managed by a team of European and American RMT veterans, the website is already featuring more than 700 vendors, over 1,700,000 prices, 96 games, over 2250 servers and over 70 currency including Energy Credits, Kinah, Gold, Adena, Gil, Credits and Platinum.

The purpose of Mmoops is to offer an independent, honest, trustworthy, updated, precise and valuable source of information on the most important gold and virtual services vendors of the web.

Buy From Toonstorm


It seems that there is really little ressource on the web about Toonstorm despite it's a good company to buy accounts (or sell). They have been victim of scammers (mostly supported by MMowned cheaters) and have been having issues between 2007 and 2008.

Keep in mind that they speak a really fluent and perfect English and that most of the complaints quoting them on the Internet look like fakes. They don't speak or write like kids. You might think that their prices are quite expensive. I will tell you that most of the time you get what you paid for. It's not uncommon to see people buying accounts cheaper. It's alos pretty common to see people getting ripped off for trying to get a really low price. Keep in mind that 50% cheaper with a 50% chance to be scammed is like lottery and isn't the way established website usually choose.

Since Jan 09 there is absolutely nothing wrong about them. We search every forum, complaint boards and they seem to be really clean. Anyway, we have been doing some serious digging about them and here is the result. We hope that it will help you to decide whether or not you will deal with them.

General Information

Name Toonstorm
Email ND
Url Toonstorm.com
Owner Alterego Networks
Country USA/HK/Europe
Phone 1-877-995-7788
Support Yes
Ebay ID n/a
Currency USD
Translation of the site English

Ease of use
Ease of use Rating 5/5

Toonstorm got a very clean and ordinary but efficient layout. The user will immediately realize that the site is of potential use to them or not and the great readability of the website will help you find your way to what you need in a few seconds. The navigation system is really functional and download times are pretty decent even during U.S. prime time. Their fast navigation system (internal links, quick order form, and so on) make the purchasing process really pleasant and fast.

Reliability Rating 4.5/5

BBBOnLine Participation and BBB Accreditation
Confirmed For Alterego Networks dba Toonstorm.com

Alterego Networks dba Toonstorm.com meets all BBBOnLine participation and Better Business Bureau accreditation standards and is authorized to display the BBB Accredited Business seal.

* This business has been operating since 09/05/2007

* This business was accredited by BBB on 08/10/2009

* This business was approved as meeting BBBOnLine standards on 08/11/2009




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Most complaints are quite outdated. Anyway, it's up to you to decide. You can consult the complaints boards if you want.

Transactions Rating 4/5

At Toonstorm, you may only buy accounts for 3 MMORPGs. Aion, WOW and Warhammer.

Recently Toonstorm started selling currency and powerleveling:

They are selling currencies on WOW, Aion and Eve Online

They are also selling powerleveling on Aion and WOW.

Purchasing Rating 4/5

Toonstorm got a pretty efficient purchase system. You will have a very straightforward transaction in a few clicks. All deliveries are conducted face-to-face in-game, but Swagvault tries to make this as easy as possible. You select your normal playtime hours so that you are not interrupted. Payment wise they only offer Paypal to process credit cards (you don't need an account) and Money Order.

We only tested their WOW and Aion services.

They were pro, prompt to deliver and polite. That's quite promising. They should offer a little more than 6 amounts.

Delivery Rating 4/5

"Almost all orders are delivered within 30 minutes!"

We tested it and even if the average delivery time is really nice (under an 1 hour) it can take much more time on larger orders (4-24+ hours)

Global Rating 91/100

Toonstorm is a secure company who seem to also own Accounts.com (they share the same affiliate program and links). They have a real refund policy or any guarantee. Their agents speak excellent English. They are pretty honest on ETAs and their whole process. They are a reliable, safe, secure company. Overall we felt that Toonstorm was a very efficient and safe site to make accounts purchases. Their customer service was top of the line and quickly responded to any question that arose during the purchase process. The site was relatively easy to use and easy to navigate through. We would definitely recommend it.

As far as ingame currency is concerned our test orders were successful and everything was smooth and easy. They provide competitive prices and a great customer service. The delivery is fast.

Mmoops.com Forums

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