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Tips to Get an Edge Over Your Competitors Website

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

In today's online marketing it can be a very competitive field in almost any niche. In this article I will cover a few areas that can help you to get an edge over some of your competitors. You have to be very creative in coming up with new ways to get more visitors to your website that some of your competitors may have not even thought of or are just too busy to try.

First you have to assume that your competitors have already spent money in advertising online by using services like Google Adwords or something similar. Also if they are ahead of you in the search engines they have probably been on the web longer then you have. Even though these tips may not help you pass them in the search engines it will still help you to get traffic from other areas of the web.

One tip to get information out about your website is to socialize it. The social media online now has exploded, there are many social sites out now for almost any niche. Sites like Digg, stumbleupon and Technorati are just a few of the mainstream sites. One thing I can suggest is search around the web for social sharing sites that are similar to your niche. For almost any niche you can find a community or social site where webmasters can share articles, news stories or have forums to discuss matters related to your niche. Remember when posting at sites like these to make articles that can be informative to those browsing these social sites and include links at the end of your article to your site. This technique is also known as social bookmarking.

Another tip is to create new articles or also known as content related to your website. You have to let the World Wide Web know that your website is not dead. To do this simply create new articles or content related to your website and get them out over the web. To get them distributed there are a few ways to do this, one is by submitting your article to article directories. Another is posting your article on your website or blog then going to a social site like Digg and submitting the story there, and there are hundreds of sites like Digg. The more places you submit your new content the more likely you are to attract new visitors.

One last tip that I will cover is taking your website to communities or forums. Sometimes joining a small community on the web can really help, especially if you join a community where your website will be unique to all of the others there. Joining a forum related to your website can really help also. Most forums will allow you to post information or links in your signature link. As long as you make meaningful and intelligent posts on the forums many people will be curious or interested in checking out your website. Many times up to 20-35% of traffic can come from small web communities or web forums.

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