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Tips on Making Custom Notepads for a Professional Writer

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Notepads are the best gift to give to writers or journalists. They will always need something to write on so that they can immediately jot down their ideas and stories. An improvement however for writer notepads are custom notepads. Custom notepads can be a great gift for writers since they can grow to love and appreciate the customized elements of it. It can be something very precious and personal that can still help them with their profession. So if you want to give the gift of custom notepads to a writer friend, or you may want to give your writing staff personal notepads to improve their morale, below area few tips on how notepad printing aimed for professional writers.

Mind the notepad size: The first thing that you should mind when creating custom notepads is the size or dimensions. Most writers would always want to carry their notepads around for easy access. However, if the size is too small, it might not be enough for any kind of prolonged use. So you have to strike a balance between mobility and capacity with your custom notepad gifts. A good size though would be a 4.25 by 5.5 inch notepad, or a quarter of a letter size for writers doing lots of field work. If however your target writers are more desk based ones, then you can go for a standard letter sized notepad or any variations in between that and the smaller dimensions as well. Managing the size of your notepads can be crucial on how useful they would be to the writers, so always decide carefully when playing with his option.

Design for durability: Next, always try to design your notepads for durability. This means making the notepad materials tougher and long lasting. They should be able to resist some common environmental effects like moisture, heat, dirt and dust. Also, try to have the notepads covered in some kind of hard cardboard cover or thick paper to protect the delicate paper underneath. Highly resistant paper and plastic covers should be a good choice for notepad printing of you want them to resist damages and environmental effects. The plastic cover should protect the pages from actual physical harm while the improved paper stock should make the notepad pages resist any kind of accident.

Correct binding options: Also, writers usually want to tear away notepad pages if they don't like what they wrote, or if they want to give the information to somebody else. Hence, it is a good idea to have your custom notepads bound with a process that makes tearing of pages easy. Ring binding, spiral binding and adhesives should be your best option if you want writers to really find your notepads useful. Having that easily teared off page is just part of what a successful notepad should be to make them very useful in taking down notes.

Pad design with impact: Lastly, for the more personal or customized impact of your notepads, always put in a design element that should appeal to the receivers of the notepad. A nice watermark with the writer or journalist's favorite image should be a nice addition. Also quotes from famous writers and mottoes are a good thing to put into your custom notepads. Lastly, the author's name and printed signature should also be a good idea for a design, giving the notepad an aura of authority much like doctor's prescription pads do. These ideas should make the receivers of the notepad appreciate the customization involved in making them. It should impact them in a personal way, marking it as a very memorable gift for that certain special event.

Great! That should be the main things that you need to know on notepad printing for journalist and writers. Just follow these steps well and your notepads should look very beautiful while still being useful for the writers and journalists of your life.

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