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Tips on How to Find Clickbank Products That Sell

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

The tips that I am about to give you are very important and you should take it to consideration when finding products on clickbank that sell.

This is the same 5 steps or tips I take to decide whether the product is worth selling or not. These are easy to follow steps and I encourage everyone to use it.

Tip #1 - Category Search - What are you interested in?

The first thing you should and look at the things that you have a high interest on. Clickbank have a lot of categories and I am for sure that you will find one that you have a good interest in.

This is very important because if you have a interest in a particualt category most likely that you will make the right decision on which product to sell.

If you are interested in arts and you look at a product and you know for a fact that the product is BS and just full of garbage you know that product wouldn't be a good sell.

A good rule of thumb is, if you won't buy it don't sell it

Tip #2 - Sort Your Results By Popularity

This is a no brainer. If you sort a category by popularity it will show you by descending order which product is popular.

When a product is popular this means that people are searching for this products and buying it. The product must give good value to the customers in order to have a good popularity rank.

But be careful with too popular products. The more popular the product is the more competition you have. SO this is something to think about when decide to find a clickbank product

Tip #3 - Ask Yourself This

You finally found a product to sell then you click on their link and it forwards you to their landing page.

What is a landing page you might ask? A landing page is where a potential is taken when they click your affiliate link. Think of it as the sales page or a squeeze page. The landing page will showcase the product. It will list the benefits, value and price of the product. It built to entice a potential customer to buying their product.

Now your on the landing page. Ask yourself this. If you came a long to this site would you be interested in the product? Does the product give you value? Will it solve the problem that I have?

If it is yes. Then it is a good product to sell.

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