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Tips On Caring For Your Freshwater Angelfish

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

A person who wants to wants to fill their aquarium with fantastic fish will find that freshwater Angelfish is one of the best choices you can make. There are three distinct species of Angelfish with the Pterophyllum scalare being the most common found in home aquariums. When you are deciding on the Angelfish that will be best for your aquarium, finding the perfect colors and personality will be key.

When they are well cared for, Angelfish will live up to ten years. The Marble Angelfish is a beautiful silver and black fish that grows to six inches in length and often lives longer than ten years. Some of the fish will change colors depending on their age or mood.

It is a good idea to get at least four to six Angels for your tank at one time. Getting your fish the size of a quarter or silver dollar will assure that they are not old. You might also want to select your fish because of their unique coloring. Some of the fish have markings and colors which change as they mature or when they are in a bad mood.

If you have an existing tank, adding at least 3-4 Angels will give them a better chance for survival in your tank. Remember that Angels like lots of room to swim in as well as lots of live plant life. They are very social and like to swim with a group. If you are going to breed your Angels, planning on 20 gallons for every two fish will be a good way to gauge the size of tank that you need.

While most pet shops carry Angelfish because of their popularity, it will be important to check the provider you are getting your fish from out very carefully. The fish you select should be between the size of a quarter and silver dollar. Watching how the fish interact with other fish in the tank where you are shopping will also be helpful. Angelfish have different personalities just like people and it will be important that the fish you select is not too aggressive or timid and has the personality that will fit your needs.

Angels are less likely to nip or bite other fish when they are raised in a community tank from a young age. They also will remain more stable and happy when they have plenty of room to swim in and plants to hide in. Angel parents are very protective and will often aggressively protect their fry. When your Angels have babies, you may want to move the other fish to another tank until the babies are old enough to hide in the plants of your aquarium. This is usually about two weeks.

Adding freshwater Angelfish to an existing tank or creating an aquarium for Angelfish will be easier if you talk to people who have already got established tanks. There are several tips and tricks to assure that your fish will stay healthy and happy in their new home. You will also learn about breeding the fish and the benefits of growing your own brine shrimp.

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