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Tips for Writing Successful Commercial Advertisements

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Advertising is to know people. The better you understand the workings of the human mind, the wants, needs, and drives of individuals the better you will be able to persuade them. Advertising is about persuasion. It is about getting your brand recognized. So how do we go about doing all these things?

The best thing someone can do to improve the ROI on advertising is to become aware of the core principles behind people's behavior. Essentially people are here on this earth to reproduce. Every activity in their live no matter how trivial is calculated to provide resources for themselves and their future offspring. Off course most of this process is not at a conscious level. We go to school and work because we feel it is the right thing to do. We have to survive. Having an understanding of human evolution and a paradigm through an anthropological context would be helpful in the advertising field.

What does your product or service do for people. How does it help them in their procreative process. Does it make them look younger, live longer, or more efficient. Your job is to get people to associate your product or service with these aspects. This can be done through a purely intellectual level or a needs based level such as how much of the advertising was done at the early part of the 20th century.

You could focus on the irrational or emotional side of the mind. This appears to be the most effective approach at the moment. Humans are fundamentally irrational. Rationality is like a boat sitting on a vast sea of psychosis. Many people are only a short step away from insanity. Most people have decent control of their boat but you want to get the waves moving so their boat will flow in the direction you want it to go to.

One tool to get people emotional about your product is to use music. Most commercials on television include some form of music through the entire ad or at some section of it. The tune should be catchy and should appeal to the widest possible base audience. You may want to focus on the bottom of the barrel since in society the lowest common denominator has the most people in it.

Commercials are primarily focused toward stupid people. This is not to say that all stupid people are unsuccessful. There are very wealthy people who are willing to part with their money if an advertiser can fill some need missing in their life. Appeal to people's base wants because whether ethical or not this is what lights a fire under their pants.

If you are focused primarily on print or web publishing you will want to use words that elicit interest and action. Each word should keep them focused on what you have to say. One superfluous word or boring phrase can cause the advertiser to lose many potential customers. Study copyrighting, and learn from the best. Ask yourself what ads got you interested in a product. What did they say, how did they make you feel?

Advertising does not have to be rocket science. If you can persuade people you have already won the battle. If you can succeed in getting them to purchase your services then you have met your goal.

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