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Tips for keeping your Lego in order

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 26   |   Comments: 0

For many generations, families have struggled to find the best way to store Lego and keep it in some kind of order. Exactly how do you pack away your Lego bricks so your kids can easily find the pieces they want. If you tend to just put it all in one big box then you will no doubt have learnt that this means that your kids will tip it all out onto the floor and no matter how carefully they try to pick up every piece some will end up being hovered up.

Anara Toys Online have put together a few ideas to help you solve this Lego problem which should help you reduce the amount of Lego pieces that go missing or end up being trodden on in your bare feet, owch.

Storing and organising mixed size Lego

There are lots of different solutions for actually storing your Lego which we will discuss below but the real issue if you have a lot of Lego is actually sorting out the pieces so that it is easy to find the bricks you need.

Box4blox offer a solution to this age old problem. It works buy sorting the Lego pieces into different sizes into different trays. It will hold approx 1600 lego bricks, so while it is great at sorting your Lego pieces it may not be big enough if you have a lot of Lego.

If you have more then you could use the box4blox to sort the Lego and then store it in different boxes.

It was as the "Best New Home Organizing Product of the Year" by National Association of Professional Organizers.

Lego Storage Drawers - for small pieces

Once you have sorted your Lego bricks you will need something to store it in. Plastic draws can be practical if you have sorted your Lego into lots of different categories. The more categories the more drawers you will need. This kind of solution is especially practical for organising smaller Lego pieces.

Lego Storage Boxes

If you have a range of bigger bricks or too many to be practical for a drawer system then there are loads of Lego storage boxes on the market. A lot of these are shaped like Lego bricks or Lego heads so your children will think they are fun. There are perhaps more practical for storing bigger Lego pieces.

Storing one-size Lego

If you only have one size of lego or your kids are not bothered about having it organised into different categories then you could store your Lego on tote / drawstring bags and hang them on pegs.

Tidying your Lego away quickly.

If you don't want to sort your Lego but want to be able to tidy it away really quickly you could make a drop bag. These are a bit like tote bags. They are very easy to make: first of all cut out a fabric circle that is about 65 inches in diameter. Then make a casing around the material and feed through some string or cord that is about the same length as the circumference of the circle then tie the ends of the cord together.

Your children then play with the Lego on the circle and when you are ready to tidy up you simply pull the cord and all of the Lego blocks will be tidied away inside the bag.

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