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Three Tips From Tiger Woods

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Most Americans knew that Tiger Woods made his public apology from the clubhouse at the TPC Sawgrass, home of the PGA tour. His mother and people he had worked with were in the room. His wife Elin was not present.

While some may not agree with me, I felt there was sincerity in Tiger's apology. I don't think that it is easy for him to show his feelings, judging from past history.

Here are three tips that the Tiger Woods' apology can serve as an example to us:

1. Do not make excuses for your actions.
An apology, followed by an excuse cancels out the apology. The person who is hurt does not deserve an excuse. Even if there really was something that caused the person to do what they did, (such as stress, pressure, etc), it is not the appropriate time to bring it up.

Tiger did the right thing. He did not make excuses, such as being a "sexual addict" or having to be too focused during childhood (on golf). Even though these two reasons could have been the two things that made Tiger do the things that he did, he did not bring them up. That took a real man to just be responsible for everything and not make excuses.

2. Admission of guilt.
One cannot truly be sorry for anything unless he first admits guilt. Tiger Woods certainly did that. He took full responsibility for his actions.

3. Action speaks louder than words if one is sorry.
In his personal relationship with his wife, Tiger said his "real apology to her" would come by his actions, not his words.

This was the best part of this apology. Tiger admits he has a lot of work to do and that his apology (per Elin) will not be complete until his behavior has turned around.

So many things about writing that I have learned elude me. However, I always remember this statement, "show me, don't tell me." (Don't tell me the hero of a story is charming, wonderful, etc., but show me by the way he acts in the story.). This "don't tell me, show me" can definitely be aplied to an apology.

I think Tiger Woods apology was sincere and one we will remember. It was not stiff.

The Free Dictionary gives two meanings for an apology:

(1) To make an apology; acknowledge, and express regret for, a fault, wrong, etc. and

(2) to make a formal defense in speech or writing

It is never too late to right the hurt you have caused other people. I think we can all learn from Tiger, because he did make a complete and sincere apology.

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