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This and That cannot heal your Acne

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Finding ways to Scientific Acne Solutions

Teenagers of the past generation and today have one thing in common - acne dilemma. This problem does not single out any race and generation; everybody has a piece of story to tell. And, with these stories come several terrible myths about acne solutions.

While many would turn to old practices of healing acne, you can have your way to acne solutions which are no less than scientific and effective.

Here are four quick ways to resolve your acne problems:

  • Go back to basic

    You must have heard that 8 glasses of water is needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle. And perhaps, you also have heard that studies found that there is no connection between diet and acne. So what's your stand?

    Remember, water is there to flush all the waste inside your body and carry the nutrients that you intake to its most needy part. Hence, failing to have adequate supply of it will bring you much acne flare-ups.

  • Let the sunshine in

    Familiar? So, let's make good use of that familiarity to remind you over again that sunlight is one of the best natural acne solutions. Be sure to have at least 20-minute exposure to natural light each day and expect a better skin for the next days of your life.

    Sunlight and air helps your skin cope with the toxins around and inside you. Moreover, there is no better way than to merge your self with the dancing molecules of vitamin D.

    However, be guided that it is not advisable to purposely expose your skin to direct sunlight.

  • Don't Wash Too Hard

    Acne is not a consequence of poor hygiene. It may trigger the flare-ups here and there but it doesn't follow that those people who have acne are technically unhygienic.

    Washing too hard and too frequent will only worsen your skin condition. Understand that gentle washing of face twice a day with mild soap is far better than vigorous washing.

  • See the Expert

    While it is more convenient to believe that the best remedy is to let the acne run its course, the truth is, you have to see an expert. While the previous advises are well enough to prevent acne and somehow rescue your skin, it is not the answer if you are experiencing severe acne problem.

    Getting an appointment with a well-trained dermatologist is one of the wisest acne solutions to give.

Water, air, sunlight, and dermatologist are the real acne solutions. They are there to keep your skin as you want it to be. Other factors are only to be defined as substitute or myth.

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