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Things You Wanted To Know About Roulette

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Roulette is a very popular online game that originated in 18th century. In this game, it is more of luck than strategy that helps an individual to win. The game is very easy. The dealer spins the wheel and the ball eventually lands into some slot. The player has to place his bet on the slot number in which the ball will land. There are various other betting options available to the player like he could guess if the ball will fall in an odd or even slot, in black or red color slot, or he could also guess different numbers of slots in which the ball will most probably fall.

A Roulette wheel consists of 37 or 38 slots, depending upon whether it is European or American version. In European version, there is one zero slot while in the American version, there are two zero slots.

Eight players can play this game at one time. In casinos, there are different Roulette tables, which have different betting limits. One has to remember that there are individual bets for both the inner and outer bet area. One has to buy chips to play the game. These chips are special and available in different colors for different players. Before spinning the wheel, the dealer will ask players to place their bets. Even after the wheel starts, the players can change their bets. When the wheel is about to halt the dealer will say 'no more bets'. Once he says 'no more bets', players cannot change or place more bets.

There are different types of Roulette bets.

Straight Bets

In this bet, the player bets on a single slot number. If the player wins, he wins 35 times his bet amount.

Split Bet

Here, the player places his bets on a line between adjacent slot numbers. If the player wins, he wins 17 times the bet amount.

Row Bet

In this bet, the player bets on a row, which consists of 3 numbers. If ball falls in any slot in this row, the player wins 11 times the bet amount.

Corner Bets

Here, the player places his bet in between 4 numbers. If the ball falls in any of these slots, the player wins 8 times his bet amount.

Street Bet

This bet is placed on the line between 2 rows. This means a player places his bet on 6 numbers. If he wins, he wins 5 times the bet amount.

Column Bet

A player can place his bet on the entire column. He can win double the bet amount in this case.

Apart from these inside bets, there are several outside bets in Roulette. These are red, black, odd and even. Each of these bets pays 1:1. This means if you place a bet of $5, you can win $5 and get your $5 bet amount back.

Though you can win great sum by placing straight bets, but beginners should avoid it. One should start with low-risk bets like odd, even, high bet, column, and so forth. Playing free online Roulette will help you to learn the tricks of this game easily and without losing money.

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