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Things to Know Before Buying a Color Sorter

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0
A color sorter comes handy in food processing units and export firms. Dehydrated vegetables, discolored grains of rice, wheat or pulses can be sorted quickly with these automatic machines. In grain processing mills, color sorter can be effectively used to check for immature grains, bird or mouse droppings which in turn are removed by compressed air jets. Electronic Color Sorter is a multi-purpose color sorting machine that ensures the best sorting accuracy. Ideal for large grains like coffee, peanuts or peas, electronic color sorter is being widely used by food grain exporters to ensure premium quality as stipulated by the export guidelines. Multi-mode scanning option in Electronic Color Sorter ensures quick and effective signal processing depending on the changes in the light intensity and background changes. The best part is that it can be connected to a central computer to monitor the operation of different machines apart from storing and transferring the data. How Does a rain Sorter Works? A grain sorter will have one or more grain sorting boards and a mechanism to ensure the swinging movement of the grain sorting board. The board is mounted in such a way that it is inclined to one direction at a certain angle of inclination, which can be adjusted for optimum results. A grain sorter has to be adjusted in such a way that its center of gravity remains low so that the grain sorting board operates smoothly without any uneven vibrations and movements. A grain sorter works likes the old fashioned sieve which was used in the olden days to remove grain from chaff. No grading of food grains will be complete without a Destoner, which removes all the stones and foreign particles without wasting grains. The destoner that is connected to a motor is perfectly counterbalanced to ensure a smooth operation. Air flow rate and the shaking speed of the deck can be adjusted to ensure a well cleaned up final product. Camera Sorter and Its Applications Camera sorter is a sophisticated functional machine that is used in sorting food grains, cereals, nuts, vegetables, plastics and pharmaceutical products. The high speed scanner in the camera sorter can perform at a rate of over 3000 scans to give out a high resolution image of the object which can be viewed on the screen. The image in turn can be compared with the specified parameters set by the users to find out the deviations if any and to find out defective goods. These fully computerized camera sorters have many useful features like auto cleaning by wiper system of the viewing area, fast ejectors and automatic calibration procedures. The food grain industry has undergone revolutionary changes with the advent of these farmer friendly devices. To gather more information on these gadgets, all you need to d is to log on to the b2b business pages.
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