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The Yin Yang Theory of Bedding

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

The yin yang theory, in part, states that there are two sides to everything within nature, and without. The same holds true for bedding, believe it or not, because no two people will like the same thing. Test the theory out yourself: any bedding found in a bedroom shared by two people will be a compromise, not a mutual agreement.

Some people like to keep the bedroom cool, windows open at least a little, all year round. This means that one partner will want to have as little bedding as possible, because he or she wants to feel the coolness. The other suffering partner, who cannot comprehend the insanity of this, will want to have as much home bedding pieces as he or she can find to burrow into for protection from the elements.

If you want to have your own say in this battle of the elements, the solution is simple: let them have it the elements their way, in part. Your secret weapon will be the sheets that will be hidden under that light coverlet they prefer. You can still achieve optimal snuggling from the elements by using flannel sheets that go perfect with any other home bedding collection, and still keep everyone happy.

The next issue that always pops up when trying to blend decor preferences between partners is pillows. Some people prefer a Spartan existence when it comes to number of pillows present on a bed, be it day or night. This means having a home bedding assortment of only two pillows, or four if they are being generous. Some prefer to have pillows under the covers when the bed is made, and a lot of decorative pillows on top of the quilt or coverlet for show. This can be a timeless argument that never has a true winner.

Optimal solution for this dilemma: choose some strategically selected bolsters from a matching home bedding collection to keep things simple. This has a perfectly logical debate for their inclusion in place, especially if you also have a television in the bedroom. Everyone knows that pillows by themselves do not make worthy props for your back when reclining to watch television in bed. Bolsters will supply that firmness, so that would make them a necessary part of your decor, period.

The last bastion for the application of the yin yang theory to bedroom décor: quilt vs. coverlet. Some prefer the homey look a well-made quilt can bring to a room, hands down. But, unless it is part of a coordinated and purchased collection, it is very hard to coordinate around it. Neutral shams, dust ruffles, and so on will have to be purchased to compensate for its uniqueness. But, if you purchase something like a bed-in-the-bag outfit, which contains all the matching accessories you will need, plus a trendy coverlet or quilt, problem solved. This argument may never be truly resolved, but, each side does have its merits, and illustrates the yin yang theory to a good degree.

All in all, yin yang theory applied to home décor, especially in the bedroom, can lead to some spirited discussions over preferences, some you may never have realized in the past. Winning does not matter, going to bed happy, does.

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