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The Ultimate Review Of What Cures Sinusitis

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 26   |   Comments: 0

The newest statistics show that there are over 35 million people who suffer from sinusitis across the nation. With so many people dealing with this disease thousands of internet sites have been created claiming their therapy cures sinusitis. So which one of these is right for you?

As a physician I do tend to rely more on therapies with good scientific research behind. But that definitely is not always the case with every therapy. I have seen many remedies that conventional medicine negates clear up sinus infections within a few days. It's amazing what some of these cures can do. Over the last few years I have consistently kept track of what remedies are the best for sinus sufferers. Here is my list.

Essential oils are on the top of my list with eucalyptus performing consistently. Eucalyptus has great antiseptic properties that act both on virus and bacteria. Due to its potent abilities at killing viruses and bacteria, large environmental groups have started using it as a more natural insecticide. Recently it has been used in numerous African states to clear swamps of malaria. It also has fabulous anesthetic properties, dulling the pain and inflammation of the nasal tissues. Using it with a warm mist humidifier tends to be the best delivery method but you can also apply it directly to your nasal passages with a q-tip. I have also seen it administered as a tea. Eucalyptus is best administered at night while the tea can be taken throughout the day.

Sinus irrigation is my next recommendation. I want to emphasize though that this technique is often done improperly and therefore no symptomatic relief was experienced. This technique involves using some delivery mechanism to introduce a solution to the sinus passages to facilitate drainage of excessive mucus or allergens. The netti pot is most famous for this process, but I have seen multiple devices that accomplish the same thing. The biggest mistake with any of these devices is the use of regular water. Usually temporary relief is found when using regular water to irrigate the sinuses but within a few minutes to hours the symptoms are worse. This phenomenon is due to the natural property of water acting on the sinuses. You see the sinuses, when not irritated, are covered in a thin mucus layer with a very precise electrolyte (sodium, potassium, chloride) balance. When this balance is disrupted or the composition is changed the sinuses secrete more and more mucus. Regular water changes this composition. To find the best relief with sinus irrigation add a small amount of salt, which helps mimic the natural electrolyte ratios. It's as simple as that to make this technique work for you.

Lastly is ginger. This herb cures sinusitis so well that it is a stable with any of my patients. Ginger is classified as a warming herb, meaning it increased the local blood flow to tissues that are stagnant, such as sinuses when they are infected. The increase in blood flow brings a plethora of immune cells to help clear up debris, fight infections and secrete substances to heal the tissue. It also thins out thick mucus, liquefying it for proper drainage. The biggest problem with ginger is its interactions with certain conventional medicines such as warfarin. If you have cardiovascular or gallstone  problems this herb might not be the best for you. I recommend taking it 3-4 times a day for 5-6 days in a tea form. The potency is variable and the rule of thumb is that you should have a slight increase in sweating after drinking the tea. This way you know the strength is appropriate.

Walter Johnson - About the Author:

Dr Walter Johnson is a sinusitis expert. For more information on what cures sinsusits visit http://www.curesinusproblems.com

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/alternative-medicine-articles/the-ultimate-review-of-what-cures-sinusitis-2181853.html

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