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The Truth Behind Satellite Tv For Pc Software Revealed - Scam Or Scam-Free?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 21   |   Comments: 0

Since the time of its debut in 2005, the controversial Satellite TV for PC still remains one of the most popular and best selling Internet TV software among it peers. That can be contributed to either a hi-tech TV player or outstanding marketing campaign. But in this case, it may very well be both.

The officials at SatelliteSoft certainly have made some bold and dashing statements that have dazzled many people while creating skepticism in others. Which brings us to these questions. Can this software really deliver on its promise and turn a computer into a super TV instantly while providing a safe and legal gateway to Internet TV? Does it provide a scam-free risk-free environment when downloading, installing, and using the software TV player? Don't be too surprise if the answer 'Yes' applies to all.

As the TV for PC software continues its journey to remain as a top seller, there comes plenty of hype and misleading content particularly when using the term "Satellite TV." Since Satellite and Cable TV networks convert signals from the air which provides the TV entertainment we enjoy, these Internet TV players (software) do the exact opposite.

The Satellite TV for PC Elite, Pro and Titanium Editions, also called proprietary software, can be defined as a specially designed hi-tech Internet media tool or TV player programmed to access, retrieve, and stream 1000s of clips, text, audio and video media files from the Public Domain and World Wide Web. The streaming affect makes the TV player intriguing as it steams the channel (media file) into smaller pieces, then brings the media file across the computer's I.P. address right to the computer.

This streaming process allows the viewer to watch a TV show immediately on his/her browser or TV player. In other words, viewers don't have to wait for the entire downloading process to finish in order to watch a particular channel. Also the user owns the proprietary software, in this case, the TV for PC, and can install the software on as many computers as s/he likes. However, the merchant's Copyrights policy must be adhered to.

In most cases, these products do work. I downloaded and tested the Elite edition as well as other top Internet TV software. But the Pro, Elite and Titanium Editions will only work with Windows-based computers. In addition, you don't get a stand-alone software because it relies on other software to work. As for the majority of Satellite Internet TV software on the Net today including the TV for PC, they rely on the free Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and Microsoft .Net Frameswork.

You can single out any top-of-the-line software, download and install it on a compatible computer, and in most cases it will work. However, in some rare cases, the TV player may not work initially once installed.  Does this mean a SCAM? No! Lets say the user followed the downloading and installation instructions correctly, then installed all the necessary free software according to the user's operating system but the TV for PC software didn't work. In rare cases, a software-to-computer compatibility problem could occur.

Generally speaking, when something like this happens the computer's firewall (anti-virus) can keep the Satellite TV for PC (TV player) from working. In this situation, the user must give his/her firewall permission to accept the TV for PC software so it can work. Could other problems cause the software not to work? Yes! The WMP and/or RealPlayer may require some tweaking.

Make no mistake, there have been some negative remarks made about the Satellite TV for PC Pro, Elite and Titanium Editions, including similar products more or less. Such as no video, TV player didn't work, poor selection of channels, won't give refund back, too many religious and foreign channels, and the list goes on. However when looking at the old 2006 and 2007 versions, the merchant's new 2008 version seems to have addressed and resolved many of these pass issues.

The Satellite TV for PC 2008 Editions now has a new sleeker look with better channel selections, including additional features such as "Record" and "Favorites." No crappy or broken channels, the user get a better video/audio quality, faster loading and playback time, and an user-friendly interface.

Since no one computer will be alike once used, even with the same make and model--the only sure way of knowing if the Satellite TV for PC Elite, Pro or Titanium will work, will be to download it. Pay the small one-time downloading fee to test it. The user can always request a refund within the 60-day money back guarantee from Clickbank. I had the pleasure of doing business with this company for years and consider them to be a very trustworthy e-commerce sales/refund processor. I also consider them to be a safety net when all fails and feel very secure when they handle this transaction rather than the merchant.

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