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The Three Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

The basic fundamentals of affiliate marketing are not as complex as you might think.  In fact, these fundamentals are so simple, they can be summed up in three steps.  These steps include: 1) learning how to choose successful campaigns, 2) using marketing psychology to analyze your audience and 3) promoting your affiliate link.

Before you can begin affiliate marketing, you must choose a successful campaign.  The exact method of doing this will depend on the network you are using.  For Clickbank, you must look for affiliate programs that have a high gravity.  This is a figure that tells you how many affiliates earned a commission within twelve weeks of promoting the product.  Other networks may use different buzzwords like "network earnings" or "earnings per click."  Then there are networks like Amazon, which will simply tell you outright which products are their bestsellers.  Either way, always stick to programs offering the most promise.  If another affiliate has found success with a product, it means there is greater potential for a sale. 

After you have chosen your campaign, you need to analyze your market.  Basic marketing psychology can help you in this endeavor.  Carefully read over the product's description.  Think about who it would appeal to.  Break your analysis down further by thinking about gender, age, race and socioeconomic status.  Keep this information on hand, so you know what keywords to choose when it comes time for promotion.

This leads to the last step: advertising your affiliate link.  Using the information, you gained from the previous step, brainstorm different keywords that relate both to your product and your potential market.  Now enter your terms into a keyword analyzer, like Word Tracker or SEO Book.  They will tell you how many searches the terms generate on search engines.  If the searches are between 5 and 500, copy and paste the term into Google itself.  Look at the number of listings.  Your keywords have a good chance at ranking if the listings are between 0 and 13,000.  If the terms meet these criteria, incorporate them into all of your marketing materials, ranging from your website to any SEO articles you might write.  Even Facebook postings should include the terms.  Do this enough times and your affiliate links will gain traffic.

In conclusion, the fundamentals of affiliate marketing are not difficult to understand.  All you have to do is choose your campaign, analyze your audience and then promote your link.  From there, you simply rinse and repeat with each program you plan to advertise.  Over time, you will build up residual income as your affiliate websites gain a foothold in the search engines.

Joe Dockter (OldManJoe)


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