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The successful treatment of Autism with cord blood stem cells

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 30   |   Comments: 0

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) cause severe impairment in thinking, feeling, and the ability to relate to others and the environment in a meaningful way. Many times the diseases along this spectrum are coupled with nutritional and allergic problems, which create a €˜symptom complex' which is more challenging to manage.

The ASD's include autism (the most severe form) as well as Asperger's and Rett's syndromes

These disorders are usually first diagnosed in early childhood, often after a difficult emotional roller-coaster ride for the parents who face enormous challenges in lifestyle modification to cope with a child who grows physically, but is maladaptive psychosocially.

Many effective treatment and management modalities exist for these conditions, with moderate success, but they can never be cured. Most children will require some form of care into adulthood. The primary goal of any treatment in ASD is to improve functioning by maximising the child's functional independence. 1

Stem cell treatment has been used by various companies promising cures or amazing responses, and some have succeeded, but their treatment methods and cell safety have not been disclosed. The children are exposed to repeated infusions of live human stem cells which may be of unknown purity through a lumbar puncture procedure in addition to an intravenous infusion. Many parents do not know what a certificate of analysis is or that repeated lumbar punctures are damaging and cause the inflammation that attracts the cells away from their intended target.

Research shows that stem cells given by intravenous infusion will migrate to the central nervous system through a membrane called the blood-brain barrier and even more so in children. This makes lumbar infusions unnecessary in children.

Regenecell uses only human cord blood-derived mesenchymal and CD34+ cells in treating patients, giving the cells by intravenous infusion. These cells are manufactured according to the highest standards possible and have never been shown to have any adverse effects in humans. They do not stimulate an immune response thereby making the use of steroids unnecessary.

The use of HG-CSF in our treatment process has further enhanced the response due to this factor acting as a neuronal growth factor in the brain stimulating neuronal stem cell differentiation and repair of neural tissue post injury. This agent definitely plays a role in neural tissue development. 2

In July 2010 a doctor working for Regenecell in India treated a four year old boy with severe autism. The doctor contacted the medical director of Regenecell from India, after meeting the child and said that he would not be able to cope with the stress of treating him. The boy was so anxious and hyperactive that the doctor and his staff believed that they would not be able to subdue him enough for an intravenous infusion. It was decided to sedate the child with an oral medication at his hotel prior to leaving so that by the time he arrived he would be asleep in his mother's arms. This worked well.

The condition of this child could be summarized by means of his Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) score, which is a rating scale used by medical practitioners to determine the severity of the disorder and rate any changes over time. His score was 62, which placed him in a moderately severe range.

Instead of giving you the numbers I am going to paint a picture of this child. He could see you, but could not communicate with you. He would communicate with a caregiver using a maximum of four words, but would not be able to string these words together and have a conversation. He would not be affected by his parents leaving or indifferent to them staying. He had tantrums, demanded sameness and would retreat into his own world by fixating on an object or rocking.

He displayed some sensory and cognitive awareness, but could not integrate this into his behaviour and therefore could not develop any sensitivity to his surroundings or relationships. He never smiled and would not be compliant, specially not when being seen by our doctor.

Before the treatment the parents are asked to give us their expectations so we can see if they understand what we have told them and that they do not expect a cure. This boy's mother's expectations were to increase speech, social interaction and improve gross motor ability, which were totally reasonable in the context she expressed.

At two weeks after treatment the speech therapist and teachers at school wanted to know what the parents had done since the boy suddenly improved his ability to communicate and was becoming teachable and calmer with less tantrums.

After three months, which was the period we asked her to wait before testing him, the ATEC was performed and his result was a remarkable 39.

This is extremely significant since it provides some assurance that he could lead a semi-independent life and puts him at a level at which he could develop cognitively and thereby begin to interact with his social and material environment.

We await the next score.

It is understood that this treatment took place outside the boundaries of any FDA-approved trial and that the results will be deemed anecdotal, but the results are nevertheless astounding and are based on sound stem cell biology and safe clinical practice.

The treatment process is unique to Regenecell and can be viewed on our website.


1. Management of Children with ASD; Pediatrics; doi:10.1542/peds.2007-2362; S Myers

2. The Receptor for HG-CSF is expressed in radial glia; BMC Developmental Biology 2008, 8:32 doi:10.1186/1471-213X-8-32; Kirsch et al.

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