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The Sports Betting Software And The Rest Of The Services From Price Per Head Truly Changed My Lifestyle

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0

Since I started doing businesses with Price per Head .com, my life has taken a 180 degree turn since now it is easily for me to handle my business thanks to outstanding products such as their in-house sports betting software. Using this fabulous tool, I am able to take care of my clients in an effortless way as all I have to do is to utilize different analytical reports to check their wagering activity and take decisions based on what is reported to me.

The slick sports betting software offered by this company is just part of what they have to offer, as my clients are now able to process their wagers using their call center, which allows me to count with more free time to take care of other important aspects of my business such as the acquisition of new customers.

I have to say that I have received only positive feedback from my clientele, and this has a lot to do with the treatment they always get when they are on the phone with a company rep. One can notice that these individuals have been trained with many preeminent skills that allow them to provide my clients with a proactive service that is based on courtesy and professionalism.

My betting operation also includes Chinese customers, so, when I found out that Price per Head counts with clerks whom speak Mandarin and Cantonese, I could not be gladder since now they can easily place their wagers with representatives that are in cultural alignment with them.

My service pack with this pph company includes a full working website that was customized according to my own specifications by their team of web developers. It includes a domain name that I chose myself and the hosting runs on their end. This is quite convenient because now I have my own presence on the internet, which allows me to attract new clients whom are looking to place their bets through their computers.

And, when it comes to prices, the one I pay for these solutions is quite fair as it is based on usage, which means that I am only paying when my clients have actually utilized their services, so, if only 50 out of my 200 customers have placed bets using either the assistance of their call center representatives or through my web portal, I will only be paying for those 50 in a given week.

Now, I am very concerned about privacy, and my clients also prefer to be as discreet as possible in terms of their wagering habits, therefore, I was a little hesitant about utilizing the assistance of an overseas company for my client attention needs, but the truth is that since I have been dealing with this pph shop, I have not had any sort of difficulties in this respect. In fact, I am very pleased with their security policies as they do not handle any personal information about my clients. I will certainly continue to use their services, and I recommend them to all bookies out there whom are still working the old school way.

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