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The source Channels Heal yourself from HIN1- The Swine flu

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

To unravel the mysteries of some of the most miraculous phenomenons on earth is beyond the capabilities of man. The unknown baffles our greatest scholars, the unknown will never and cannot be baffled by the mysteries and the phenomenon's of what is owned by the source.  Hence why Label Less the creator of all nations left us in the mental state to unravel the dangers that lives within our gift the earth.

The mystery of I who writes while sleeping baffled many who has seen my right hand in action, and the miraculous words that comes through the hand is wisdom beyond the wits of us all. To embraced the words and adhere to their wisdom is not a challenge its knowledge outside all institutions of earth, but wisdom to your ears on our earth plane.

In this post the source channels information on Hin1 - swine flu. Swine flu rightfully called swine influenza is found in pigs and it is a respiratory disease in the pigs cause by a type A influenza virus.

The health protection agency admits that this virus is highly contagious and spreads quickly from one person to another. Some of the way it spreads, is through coughing and sneezing a cough or a sneeze can spread through one of your micro droplets about three to four feet, while others breath this in.

You may decide to cover your hand or mouth to prevent this from spreading, but remember using your hand to cover your nose and mouth and using the same hand to touch another or leaving this droplet on surfaces is dangerous to the person who never knew, and you have just spread the infection. It is important to remember that this virus can live and remain live on a surface for over twenty-four hours and the incubation period in humans is forty-eight hours.

The symptoms of swine flu are much the same as ordinary flu with added vomiting and diarrhoea in some cases. The preventative methods are simple, sniff and sneeze spreads disease sniff it in your handkerchief the old saying goes we should follow that.

We must clean all areas that we contaminate to stop the spread to innocent people. Frequent hand washing is recommended to contain the virus, and if you do use tissue dispose of it in the correct place.

The known fact from our authorities tells us that this virus is from pigs, but is it? What if its not? What if this virus was man made? What if the swine is human the maker behind the virus that is contaminating humans? You decide.

The writing from my unconscious sleep state says.

I say unto the ear of ears the Hin1 is a combined hybrid virus. Created by the science swine's of man for public crucifixions.

Biological chemical are used to fight against humans that multiply I earth. The combiners of human cells with animals and biological chemicals are lethal to the weakness of my people.

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