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The Social Media Industry Meets Network Marketing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

An amazing thing happened as we moved into the Year 2010.  A growing number of companies have realized that if Social Media is #1 as a place to market on the Internet and Network Marketing is the #1 Industry in Marketing, why not combine the two?  Enter the age of Social Community plus Network Marketing or SocComNet.

Silverline Club is a company that saw the SoNet trend coming way ahead of the curve and almost a half a decade ago began writing the programming necessary to have a presence on the Internet as a SocComNet company. Not only is it a community where people can network socially and in business, Silverline Club also offers members the opportunity to earn income through a discount buying program and a travel reservations search portal.  Silverline Club is the first among many who will be part of the SocComNet Industry.

Like Facebook, MySpace and other social communities, Silverline Club offers a membership portal which is free to join where people can communicate with friends, family and others who are part of their community of members.  One difference between Silverline Club and these other communities is that Silverline Club gives points to members when they send messages to others, upload photo and videos, and blog as well as a few other things.  These points can be convert to cash by members or in the business earning side of the network are used to move members up a board that has ten pay levels.

Silverline Club is a very complex system which has taken years to develop but those that join the community only need to know a few simple things to get started. Registration is much like any other social community, you just enter some basic information and after completing the registration you can sign in and start editing your profile by adding a picture, some contact information, some information about yourself and embed a video that you want to share with others. All this will show up on the members main profile page.

Just like other social communities, members can invite others to connect as friends and accept friend invitations from others. Once connected, members can send messages directly back and forth with each other to get acquainted.

The business part of the Silverline Club is the more complex side of the network.  It has ten streams of income and it takes time to learn all of them and how they work. But because people can join Silverline Club for free, they can begin setting up a profile while they learn the business side of the company and how to earn money through the different income streams.

One person had this to say, "To drive a car, you don't just read about how to drive you get behind the steering wheel, turn the key to start the car, put it in gear and press the gas pedal.  Silverline Club is the same thing. To learn how to work within the program, you get in by registering, start using the different features, upgrade to take part in the income aspect of the network and continue to learn as you go. It's that easy!"

Silverline Club may not be the first social community that will be available in the SocComNet but they are certainly one of the first.  This is a serious opportunity for people to expand their circle of friends and to create needed income for the family pocketbook. In a time when the economy is hurting, Silverline Club is a SocComNet company that can give families and businesses an avenue to improve their financial well-being.

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