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The Seven Secrets To Becoming A Professional Organizer

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

Thinking about becoming a Professional Organizer?

There are seven very important secrets that you should know before you jump into process of getting certified. Becoming a professional organizer takes much more than being someone who loves order and wants to help people clean up their messes.

Here are the seven secrets:

  1. Learning a skill is not the same as learning how to sell. Even though you may be certified as a professional organizer, you have yet to learn how to sell the process. How do you present it to others? How do you know what to charge? What is the right price? How do you develop personal skills necessary to become someone who can sell it? I've helped many professional organizers learn how to sell without selling--how to new clients without feeling like their coming across as a sales person.
  2. Learning a skill is not the same as running a business. As someone who has worked with many different small business owners, I can tell you that becoming a professional organizer will create many more job responsibilities for you than you currently realize. You need help from someone who's been there, who can mentor you and making sure that your taking care of all the different aspects of your business.
  3. Many people need your service but few people want it. Many professional organizers and coaches have a valuable service that many people truly need. However, few people want it. And by trying to sell the need rather than selling something that they want, they miss out on many sales and opportunity to help people.
  4. Give a man a fish€¦ I'm sure you're familiar with the proverb that if you teach a man to fish, he can eat for a lifetime. Many professional organizers give solutions by fixing problems for people and then leaving, rather than helping the person become truly reconditioned in a way that they approach their day and their productivity. By helping a person change their behavior, you actually endear the client to you and build a long-term relationship for future sales.
  5. Target market is everything. If you expend a great deal of marketing effort after becoming  a professional organizer in getting clients who come from the wrong target market, you'll never be able to build a sustainable business model. Finding the people who are willing to pay you top dollar to work with you is critical for long term business success.
  6. It's hard to justify ROI with professional organizers. Because many professional organizers don't come from the background of business understanding, they don't know how to justify the return-on-investment for  their services. What does a person benefit in terms of their income and their productivity by using your services? If you're not able to show those numbers to them, it will decrease the value of your service.
  7. Productivity coaches can make more per hour than professional organizers. As president of the National Association of Productivity Coaches, I sometimes share this joke with professional organizers, what is the difference between a professional organizer and a productivity coach, about one hundred dollars per hour. The truth is that when you are helping the people increase their productivity (which includes improving their organization), you are providing much more value to the market place and therefore can make demand top dollar.

In short, if you're contemplating becoming a professional organizer, I invite you first to explore all the different options including upgrading your ability to help others by including becoming a certified productivity coach as one of your credentials.

The National Association of Productivity Coaches was founded by Dave Crenshaw in 2010 to teach coaches the strategies he used to build a wildly successful coaching practice prior to his books being published. The National Association of Productivity Coaches is an organization devoted the helping the world's top coaches develop profitable, successful and ethical coaching practices. To learn on becoming a professional organizer or a productivity coach, visit http://www.davecrenshaw.com/becoming-a-professional-organizer.

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