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The Secrets to perseverance in Affiliate Marketing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

The Secrets to perseverance in Affiliate Marketing

By Noble E. Dennie

In these economically difficult times everyone wants to be the Mac. The true Money makers aren't telling us all of the truth about how to make real Money.  Whether in Affiliate Marketing or dominoes, it really doesn't matter, just show me the Money.  These slick gurus aren't telling us where, or how to make a killing online, just think about it€¦although someone said that Affiliate Marketing is a very easy way to enjoy life on the beach.

Once you purchase their products, that doesn't work without a great deal of trouble, you will be waiting months, headed down a road of waiting for your profits and trying to start your money earnings. "Think about that for just one second."  While they tell you a bedtime story which goes a something like this "image yourself"  Yes, the truth is Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet but there are a few tricks to it.  Being a Maverick in this industry requires effort, patience, and skill before you start to see your affiliate profits!

Don't be discouraged by the amount of work and time is takes to build an Affiliate Marketing income.  As usual, entrepreneurs take a real beating in trailblazing especially on the start up of birth pains in child bearing. Here are a few realistic facts about affiliate marketing.

These tools listed below are essentials in moving forward as an Affiliate Marketer.


" Money to invest in purchasing domain - (your website address) about $10.00.
" Money to invest in purchasing a website hosting company- caution with free ones.
" Money to invest in purchasing an autoresponder, this sends out messages for you.
" Money to invest in purchasing a tracking piece of software to track advertisement.
" Money to invest in purchasing professional advertisement and other campaign material.
" It is necessary for you to invest some money if you really want to succeed and

All these items require money and in order to generate sales and earn large commission checks, you will need to drive volumes of traffic to your website and/or blog. It all depends on the kind advertising campaign you want to use but you may want to spend more money for advertising.  The Mac has the best and his Maverick tactics are what money makers are searching for.  I spent money on mentors to help with affiliate training.  Sometimes you only need to tweak your efforts but you just don't know what you should be tweaking so it's better to have a coach or guide to mentor you in your money making endeavor.  At least until you get the hang of it all, after a couple of affiliate site developments, you will be a money maker affiliate captain. (MAC)

Now, this next secret is where sometimes you will need a coach or mentor in order to reach the level of productivity necessary to reach your goal for success.  You see, writing affiliate and post these in affiliate directories, visiting the social sites and posting the affiliate there and in forums until your website with your links and  keywords reach page # 1 or the top ten affiliate on google. (THIS IS CRITICAL)  This is where the hard work and patience come into play.  Blogging is important because all of this is done to drive traffic to you site.  Mind you, knowledge will be coming your way and you should soak it all up, as you see things change before your eyes.

A very important thing to mention is "what should be said in the affiliate", your article must be written for your keywords which is another secret.  Even before you start with your site, you should go to google analytics, which is free, or some other keyword tool and look up 30 hot keywords.  These keywords pertinent to your product and must rank high in demand for your website title and all of this is after you find a product you would like to promote through, let say clickbank.

Now, don't attempt this without faith, as you may need to join a forum like Warrior, facebook group, or a training site.  There are plenty of groups out there, if you can't find any go to http://welisten2u.blogspot.com  or http://ilisten2u.com/earl and post a comment someone will respond!

By Noble E. Dennie

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