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The Secrets How To Remove Pimples

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

Professional stripper and a violation of pimples and blacks is much better than popping the acne hand. Popping acne transfers dirt and oil for the skin and hands only excerpts from the dirt surface, which can aggravate acne. professional recovery tools can not remove the dirt deep into the pores to prevent future outbreaks.

How are you doing about it? Read more ...

1) Buying a pimple extractor (found in almost all cosmetics store or pharmacy). These are the end point of the needle (used to open the bite pimples) and other cycle (used to puncture the press or squeeze the pimples to open the gunk).

2) Clean the hood with alcohol and remember to wash your face and hands before taking the withdrawal. Use alcohol to clean the pimple, and in the immediate vicinity to ensure that everything is very clean.

3) It is better to make withdrawals after you washed / steamed (Be careful not to get too close to steam or you risk broken capillaries!) So, grime inside are softened and more ready to be evicted. I want to take a washcloth and run it under hot water, it sounded really good and place the warm, moist cloth over the area for a minute or two.

4) pop buttons ONLY with a large head, white or yellowish. Do not even think of trying to extract them without a head, because you will only grow and cause other buttons to bring up around the surrounding area. You can also run the risk of bruising the skin and cause more problems.

5) Use of the hood, poke the tip of the button, then put the loop part of the button and press down. If the button is ready to leave the dirt to be pushed easily enough. You'll be sure to get all this (some more solid, the root or "mother seed" must be extracted to ensure the button does not return the next day). This will be part of increasingly dry dirt is the last to leave.

Sometimes the use of the hood is not everything, then I wrap my finger in the fabric and press both sides of the button for a better extraction. Squeeze until a clear liquid or blood comes out. Is an indicator that all infected material was removed

6) I want to hold an ice cube on a button broke again for a minute or two to help reduce the swelling that may have caused and disinfect the area again with alcohol (be careful, they bite!) So DAB some Neosporin and cover with a faux fur DuoDERM but sufficient preparation. This allows for faster healing and prevents scarring.

One last thing, do not try to pop a cyst (those huge under the skin pimples that hurt). The cysts are very deep into the skin and try to pop it causes more pain and a cyst even more angry. The best thing to do is to either beat him with a certain type of cream button every hour or put a warm compress to bring it to a head faster.

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