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The real way to make money online

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0
Humans are completely money hungry. Why? The cost of living keeps rising but our salaries simply don't. Don't ask yourself why people are looking for ways to make extra income. It's simply never enough.

Turning to the internet in the 21st century to make money is a truly brilliant idea. The income possibilities are incredibly high if you treat your online business like an offline business. Think about it, what does offline businesses do to get people to buy? How do they calculate profits and at what percentage so they can cover the expenses? You know exactly what the answers are. Same rules apply to your online business but for the exception of one very important factor. The cost of operation for an online business is under 5% of the cost.

When you're searching online trying to find out how you can be an entrepreneur, you are slapped in the face with bogus opportunities. How many websites have you visited offered you a chance to have your online business for free? How many opportunities you saw offered you to start your online business for a one time fee of $50? How many times have you tried to leave a page and the offer keeps going down? I saw one the other day that the offer went down three times to finish at $11.95. Just imagine if you could go buy a retail store for that amount of money, we'd all be in business.

If you're seriously looking for an online business, what do you do? You have visited so many websites like the one mentioned above that when you see one that actually makes sense, you don't notice it because you're brained washed by the entire false pretence you've just witnessed.

I was in your shoes not too long ago and I was lucky enough to knock at the right door, you can maybe call it faith or just being lucky. Let me tell you what your new online business requires: Marketing skills to bring visitors/customers, a website and great products or services. Those are the steps to be taken towards being the owner of an online business and make honest profits. Have you noticed that only strong marketers have lifetime success? Why? Because they took the time to master their marketing skills before even thinking of posting a website. I'll open your eyes on why marketing is so important. Let say that you have a passion for guitars, you have designed an incredible acoustic guitar that sounds amazing. You get a web designer to create you an amazing website ready to sale your instrument. If you have no marketing skills, how will you promote your website? If you can't promote it, you won't be able to sale any of them and you will fail unless you spend thousands of dollars on a webmaster to do it for you.

You can do it by yourself if you get involved with a good online marketing system like I did. My wife, who is passionate about pets, and I are also the owners of an online pet store and we could not have done it without my marketing skills. So don't be attracted to "fast money"Â, "don't have to do anything, we do it all for you"Â, "you'll be making $25k in your first month"Â. These are all very interesting offers that you will see all over the web. Don't get involved with an offer in which promises you success in a short amount of time. Nothing is free in life, you have to work to achieve. If you work with the proper team, you will succeed.

You must also realize that starting your online business will cost you a certain amount of money. This amount of money is nothing compared to the amount it would cost you to get the education through a University course.
If you apply the right marketing techniques, those expenses will convert into profits making it a real online business.

Wishing you success
Sylvain Rochon
(Online business coach)
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