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The Pre-Run - How to Prepare Physically and Mentally For Your Running Session

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0

The pre-run is the phase prior to taking your first steps. Although it has a critical impact on your performance and motivation - most runners don't even recognize the existence of this phase. They usually go through their workout underperforming and not reaching their full potential.

There are usually 3 essential steps to preparing properly for running: pre-run diet, mental preparation and a proper warm-up.

The pre-run diet

Your diet will largely determine your level of energy during running. If you are getting all your caloric needs satisfied before you start running, then you will have the required energy to run your full potential.

Carbohydrates are your best choice; thus pre-run meals should center on them. Therefore, you should choose something high in carbs and lower in fat fibers and protein.

Mental preparation

The mental side of running has been ignored for a long time. Many people have failed to recognize its importance. But when you start doing it, you will be amazed with the results you can get.

Preparing mentally for your next workout means assessing your present state and considering what you might want to do during the upcoming run. In other words, it means knowing exactly what you are going to do. Clarity is power; and confusion can lead to a sense of fatigue and a lack of motivation.

Therefore before you go out on your next run-make a clear and concise picture for what you want to do and see for yourself what this will do for your workout.

The proper warm-up

The warm-up period is like reviving your own personal engine. Just like a car, the human body needs a progressive period of warming up before it can function properly. Failure to warm up can result in injuries and potentially a long-term lay off.

So before you ease into your normal running pace-do a light aerobic exercise for at least 5 minutes such as Walking briskly, jogging slowly or cycling on a stationary bike. This will loosen up your muscles and warm you up for your run.

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