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The Power Of Symbols And Their Meanings

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

The beliefs people have today are various. No matter how complex and different they are, they always have a common ground, something that they all share. Each belief system is past on from generation to generation, indoctrinating the newly born since they are young with a system of values that governed the lives of the ones who have lived before them.

What do you think about the world we live in? Are all the occurrences random and we came to be simply because of a glitch in the system, or is everything in our world governed by a higher power, something that creates order into chaos and at the same time keeps everything moving in the right direction? I don't know about you, but analyzing everything in this world, I would say that it is too complex to be random.

Symbols are a result of a certain belief system. Since words cannot describe gods and deities, the best way to communicate something that cannot be put into words would be to symbolize them. Thus the power of symbols and their meanings comes from the object, god or deity which it symbolizes, ensuring the wearer that it will fulfill its purpose.

The power of symbols and their meanings are also attributed as a result of many occurrences, something that happened a very long time ago which led people to believe the symbol that depicts this occurrence is indeed powerful.

No matter if they come from our religious beliefs, from our ancestors and what they have suffered, powerful symbols are very useful for helping us get over the challenges that life throws at us. Every time we are in trouble, we turn to our beliefs and our reminders for help.

If you analyze the problem deeper you will see that the power of symbols and their meanings are attributed to them by the wearers. The more we believe in the symbols that bring us comfort and help whenever we need it, the more powerful they are.

What are the symbols that you believe in? Are you a Christian and do you believe in the Cross? Or are you a Jew and you believe in the Star of David? Are you a scientist or do you just consider that the ancient symbols of alchemy are very powerful?

The power of symbols and their meanings also come from the culture they have their origins in. For instance, considering that the Egyptian culture was one of the most flourishing in ancient times, it is common sense to consider their belief system very powerful.

Another powerful culture that shares the popularity of the Egyptian people is the very complex and mathematically accurate Maya people. Other cultures with a similar background still exist today and they are located in the Asian parts of the world, such as the Chinese or Tibetan.

No matter if you are interested in symbols from cultures, religions, science, astrology or who knows what else, you should know a lot more information about them. For all the information you need regarding this aspect you should visit ancient-symbols.com

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