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The Perfect Holster For The Taurus 709 Slim

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

Considering the success of the Millennium Pro models and the PT-745 model, Taurus decided to take elements of design from both pistol series and build a lightweight handgun for concealed carry. The result was the PT-709 Slim, that was debuted in the 2009 SHOT show. The 709 Slim is only offered in a single stack 9mm configuration, although other calibers may be coming.

Although originally, the 709 Slim was only available in a blued version, Taurus has expanded this offering to 3 different versions:

709B - Comes with a standard blued slide

709SS - Features a stainless steel slide

709Ti - Features a Titanium based slide

Based on data supplied by Taurus, both the blued and stainless models weigh 19 ounces (unloaded), while the lighter titanium version shaves 2 ounces off for an unloaded weight of 17 ounces. The frame itself is a polymer bonded substance with steel inserts for extra strength and rigidity.

While similar to the Taurus Millennium Pro models in many ways, the 709 Slim is also somewhat different. For example, 709 is built as a single action pistol that can and will fire in a double action capacity if needed. That ability is thanks to a very unique feature call "double strike capability". In a normal state, the 709 Slim functions in a single action mode so the trigger pull is basically the same weight and pull throughout the firing cycle. However, should a round fail to fire, the pistol automatically switches to double action and allows you to pull the trigger again so that the firing pin strikes the primer a second time. In the majority of the cases, the round will fire on a second strike.That feature has some life saving possibilities in a self defense scenario.

Like it's PT-111 cousin, the 709 Slim also features a manual safety that is easy to operate and is much like the thumb safety found on a 1911 weapon. Currently, the 709's are not factory equipped with a night sight configuration, but rumor has it that this may change soon. A good set of night sights is one aftermarket item that the 709 can certainly use.

In terms of gun holsters, the 709 Slim doesn't share any dimensions with any other Taurus handguns, so there isn't really any potential crossfits for holsters. As the Slim has been on the market for over a year now, mainstream holster manufacturers are starting to produce a variety of holsters for this model. It's size, weight, and width, make it an ideal candidate for most any concealed carry application. It could be used for home defense as well, but there are probably better, higher round capacity choices for that use.

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