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The Past and the Present of the Pearl Jewels

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 40   |   Comments: 0

For years, pearls have been expensive jewelry items. Before the nineties, pearl items, especially the cultured pearls, were considered only for the royal classes. Times have changes now and here's a detailed account of the past and present of these elegant jewels.

Though, the discoverer of pearls is still unknown. This elegant gem has been basking in the glory of fame and attention. Its exploration has been credited to certain countries like China, India, Rome and Egypt. Though, Romans are still considered crazy regarding pearls. Their attires and their palatial buildings have been adorned by Tahitian pearls.

Due to the frantic attraction showered to the pearls in the Roman era, their significance and prominence rose. According to the available historical information, it is also believed that General Vitellius was able to finance the entire campaign of roman army just by selling one diamond earring. One of the other surprising tales of Queen Cleopatra reveals that she once, broke the pearl earring and drank it after dissolving it in wine. This entire step was undertaken to defeat Mark Antony and make him feel that Egypt couldn't be conquered by him.

The importance of pearls like Tahitian pearls had risen so high that the Arabs and the Romans were into constant flaunting of their deep love and passion for the gem. The sacred devotion and worship of Arabs for the elegant gems, whether it's natural or cultured pearls, can be easily understood in the holy pages of Quran where paradise is explained.

The entire praise and essence of these pearls have increased dramatically due to its elevating rarity. But with the emergence of cultured pearls, even this gem is getting common. It has attained the standard of the most gifted item. In addition to it, pearls have emerged into various designs and styles, like the pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc.

Though, one of the ironic facts is the tough competition given by the cultured pearls to the natural ones, among which, the later is more unique, rare and expensive. Slowly, pearls are also losing their eminence due to the mass scale synthesis of it. China and Japan are the main producers of pearls. These major manufacturers understand the financial limitations of the customers from the international populace. This has in deed decreased the value of the natural pearls, which were once called royal and classic.

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