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The Most Powerful Wheatgrass Nutrients

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

There are many powerful wheatgrass nutrients which play an important role in maintaining good health and offer aid in fighting disease. But some of these nutrients are good for other purposes as well.

When it comes to the amount of nutrients that this plant has to offer, we can say that it is a lot more than other green leafy vegetables. In fact, there have been claims that just one ounce of wheatgrass contains as much nutrients as approximately a pound of other green vegetables. Though these claims remain unsubstantiated, there are a lot of testimonies and evidence that wheatgrass nutrients could potentially bolster every aspect of human health.

These nutrients are fragile, though. That's why you need to take special care when processing your wheatgrass. For best results, always use masticating juicers. These use an auger system that "chews" the produce at low speed, rather then grind it at high speeds like centrifugal juicers do.

Certainly, the most important wheatgrass nutrients are several different types of enzymes such as:

  • Protease and amylase which take care of digestion processes;
  • Lipase that aids in the burning of the fat deposits;
  • Superoxide Dismutase that act as a shield and lowers radiation absorption;
  • Citochrome Oxidase that helps the lymphatic system via its detox properties, and
  • Transhydrogenase that makes our heart stronger.

There are numerous vitamins present in wheatgrass and its products. The ones that wheatgrass is most abundant in include:

  • Vitamin C which represents the most famous anti-oxidant and keeps cold away;
  • Vitamin E which is prized by beauty parlors for its skin rejuvenating and tightening properties;
  • Vitamin A which is responsible for good eyesight, and
  • Vitamin B12 which plays an important role in maintaining normal brain and nervous system functions.

Wheatgrass nutrients boast a range of minerals like:

  • Iron that plays a role in improving blood circulation,
  • Calcium and phosphorous both important for bones and teeth,
  • Potassium, which improves function of cells and tissues,
  • Magnesium needed by muscles and kidneys,
  • Copper which has a part in production of hemoglobin blood protein.

Wheatgrass is also rich in amino-acids which form protein, building blocks of muscles.

One of the most potent wheatgrass nutrients is certainly chlorophyll which some refer to as plant's blood. In fact, it is very similar to our blood protein hemoglobin. Since they are very similar, the chlorophyll is transformed into hemoglobin by our bodies and thus helps build blood count. It also strengthens the immune system and is great for detoxification.

Wheatgrass is available almost everywhere. Juice bars offer wheatgrass shots for a couple of dollars but you should know that growing your own is easy and cheap once you follow a simple set of steps. All you need is a couple of minutes a day to make your own juice and enjoy all the wheatgrass nutrients contained therein.

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